FIWARE-Ready: SRM Consulting - FIWARE Map Viewer (Internet of Things,Open Data,Data Analytics)

Fiware Map Viewer extends the capabilities of any map to Smart Cities and IoT. Monitoring any device on a map in real-time, such as atmospheric sensors, cameras, traffic lights, and so on

With FIWARE Map Viewer you will be able to connect any IoT device and visualize it and all its changing data in a map. The devices are represented in a map as another layer, such as traffic lights, atmospheric sensors, or alerts raised by DeepinView cameras. Incoming data from several sources can be processed with powerful IA algorithms to obtain information from raw data.

Online maps are usually monolithic and static implementations of reality. Most of them are a simplified representation of reality in a given time. They do not represent the changing state of reality, especially in urban environments.

SRM Consulting FIWARE Map Viewer