FIWARE-Ready: Situm Indoor Positioning - Situm Indoor Navigation (Internet of Things,Artificial Intelligence,Data Analytics,Open Data)

Situm is the GPS for indoors with zero infrastructure, the highest precision, and the fastest deployment. It helps companies from different sectors to improve their services and optimize their processes by guiding visitors and monitoring their employees and mobile assets.

Situm offers indoor navigation inside large buildings, tracking employees to improve security and manage their workflow, and guiding visitors and possible References/Customers. It enables the creation of location-based campaigns, by gathering and processing all kinds of data, generating real-time data and KPIs, graphical reports, and heatmaps. The basis of this high-accuracy system is using Wi-Fi signals and other signal sources that are already there: it can be installed in an easy, DIY manner and needs zero extra infrastructure.

There is no GPS signal inside buildings and infrastructures. Location-based services indoors are hardly built with costly and complex solutions which do not scale-up.

Some of the partners which use Situm's indoor positioning platform are companies like TELEFONICA, CARTO, EL CORTE INGLES.

Situm has won several awards, such as IMPACT Accelerator in 2016 or TELEFONICA Open Future 2015 in Galicia (Spain).

Situm Indoor Positioning Situm Indoor Navigation