FIWARE-Ready: Sensowave - Digitanimal (Open Data)

Digitanimal is an integrated service platform that increases livestock farms' profits; improving animal welfare and providing traceability tools for consumers.

Digitanimal is an integrated service platform composed of our own monitoring IoT wearables and a cloud platform devoted to helping livestock farmers, breeders, and fatteners increase their profitability and animals’ welfare. Besides, we provide traceability tools from calving in order to guarantee transparency in the meat chain. Wearables monitor animals’ conditions and send them to the cloud through IoT networks where our own designed BigData and AI algorithms generate insights and notifications for farmers. Besides, our management software is integrated with data coming from wearables in order to save paperwork time and ensure traceability data.

Livestock farmers (breeders and fatteners) have a very low gross margin and currently, their benefits depend on subsidies. Electronic tagging of cattle is going to be mandatory in the EU. Current GPS/RFID-based solutions are suboptimal (cost, functionality) in feedlots. Software management apps for cattle farms are available, but they require human data entry, which are not backed by real data.

In UE-28 there are more than 272k livestock fatteners that need a cost affordable solution that monitors the status of the animals and helps them with paperwork. Livestock breeders lack the tools to monitor and locate their cattle; they assume a 10% of animal losses. Just in UE, there are more than 452k (60M of cattle) with this problem.

Digitanimal (former STEPLA) participated in SmartAgriFood accelerator where it reached the last stage of the acceleration programme and was selected at the top 3 best performance projects and the best technological project.

Digitanimal project was selected in 2016 to be part of the GSMA Innovation City of the Mobile World Congress (,

Sensowave Digitanimal