FIWARE-Ready: Secmotic - LockArt (Internet of Things,Data Analytics,Open Data,Industrial Technology)

LockArt device is the new generation of locks. It installs in the blink of an eye, and it is compatible with all types of locks thanks to its adjustable back piece.

The operation of LockArt is totally intuitive. Once the lock is installed you will only have to identify your mobile as the allowed device to start using it, and this makes the process fast and simple.

The great thing about LockArt is that it installs in the blink of an eye. It is compatible with all types of lock thanks to its adjustable back piece, meaning that in just a few minutes you will have configured your lock and you will be opening your door without keys! In turn, it is safe. The electronic keys generated are for single-use and communications are always encrypted.

Lastly, you have total control. LockArt allows you to view statistics in your control panel. You will know who, how and when someone has access.

Opening your door using a smartphone is now possible using LockArt. It is the best solution in case you have a rental apartment, allowing you to share the access key with your guests, giving them access temporarily.

Every door can be opened using LockArt. However, the product is right now focused on rental apartments, which can be booked using an application such as Airbnb and then use the LockArt app to share the keys with the guests in a few seconds, giving them access just during the period they booked.

Secmotic LockArt