FIWARE-Ready: Seacon Europe - IntelliFood (Internet of Things,Open Data,Data Analytics)

Intelligent Process Monitoring and Control for perishable foods

Certain materials (commodities) and their mixes delivered or produced by business partners are fastidious about temperature, light and humidity. For example:

The storage of these materials needs specific parameters, otherwise waste products will be generated, which must be removed or destroyed. In case of mixtures containing sensitive material the storage is really important as well, because the waste material has an impact on the product, however the monitoring of the mixture making is essential.

The prepared solution is a system based on a wireless sensor network, which is made up of temperature and humidity measurement units (approximately 12-15 sensor points) that are able to communicate with each other. The wiring is not required, the easy deploy mobile sensors measure the values of the parameters scheduled and communicate the results to a central data store.

The processing application operating in the same place evaluates the measurements and sends alerts for the responsible people according to the rules are set. If the rate of temperature or humidity comes near a lower or upper limit, an email or an SMS can start a manual intervention. The regular measurements allow the precise storage of the storage and mixing parameters along with the given particular materials and mixes, and in this way, the quality management becomes verifiable besides the identification of the product. The customer can get information about the ordered product right from the delivery date.

The mixing of materials depends on the temperature. The usage and monitoring of the relevant rules can ensure that all material will be mixed between the corresponding temperature ranges based on objective measurements.

Besides the simple statements based on binding of basic substance/mixture and measured temperature/humidity values, complex information can be prepared as well, which takes account of other factors such as seasonality, storage time, suppliers, etc.

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