FIWARE-Ready: panStamp - RESPIRA FIWARE (Internet of Things)

RESPIRA FIWARE is an open-source air monitoring IoT device that was created to sense temperature, humidity, particle matter, and NO2 levels in the air.

RESPIRA Fiware is an open-source air-monitoring device for urban applications. It is an evolution from precedent versions of RESPIRA designed by the company panStamp and being deployed by the community since 2013. This version of RESPIRA has been created under the scope of the FIWARE IoT challenge 2019 launched by Diputación de Badajoz and Telefónica by means of FIWARE Space.

Air pollution in urban environments needs to be monitored with low-cost flexible and scalable hardware in order to get the finest details about concentration and source of pollution. There are no FIWARE ready air quality stations nowadays capable to connect to existing FIWARE infrastructure easily.

Finalist in MWC Shanghai 2018 Winner of FIWARE Space IoT challenge 2019