FIWARE-Ready: Libelium - Air Quality Index Calculation (Data Analytics,Digital Twins,Internet of Things)

Calculates European air quality index for IoT measurements and model forecasts, allowing citizens and public authorities to easily standardise the air quality status in a location and timespan.

GreenMov Air Quality Index (AQI) Calculator service empowers citizens and public authorities with real-time and forecasted insights into your location's air quality. As concerns about air pollution and its impact on health rise, having access to accurate and up-to-date AQI readings is crucial for making informed decisions. It classifies a measurement or forecast into one of the following categories: i) good, ii) fair, iii) moderate, iv) poor or v) extremely poor.

AQI Calculator service prioritizes citizens' health, safety, and quality of life by staying informed about the air they breathe. In concrete, it provides the following benefits to involved stakeholders: i) real-time AQI information, ii) forecasted AQI information, iii) health awareness, iv) outdoor activities planning, iv) mobility decisions and v) environmental awareness

One of the key components in smart cities and in the decission making process is air quality monitoring, which provides valuable insights to citizens and policy makers to take decisions against climate change. However, air quality information and pollutant concentration are quite technical information that is not often understandable for citizens or authorities. Thus, this service's challenge is to summarize the air quality information by using a European standardised index that allows one to understand the status of the air qualitatively, increasing citizens' reliance and awareness. In addition, another challenge is ensuring air quality information for citizens so they can make intelligent decisions regarding mobility or know which areas are highly polluted or will be highly polluted, avoiding contaminant exposure.

Libelium Air Quality Index Calculation