FIWARE-Ready: KMB Lab - Kissmybike (Internet of Things,Open Data,Data Analytics)

Kissmybike is a complex IoT product which detects bicycle theft and tracks the stolen vehicle's location until its successful recovery.

Kissmybike is a complex IoT system that includes an electronic device, a cloud-based infrastructure, and a dedicated mobile app. It detects theft and tracks the bicycle's location until its successful recovery. The system features an ultra-compact robust design that allows installing it into a bicycle construction and hiding it from hand and eye. The combination of smart adaptive algorithms and energy efficient electronics enables 1 year of operation on a single charge.

Moreover, we assist bicycle owners in a legal retrieval process by providing them with emergency numbers, locations of the nearest police stations, and necessary bicycle identification information for police reports. Kissmybike system is customizable for other tracking applications. Each of these features is innovative by itself, but their combination in Kissmybike gives it an outstanding advantage over competitors.

More than a billion bicycles are present in the world. Over 4 million bicycles are stolen yearly in Europe alone, it is about 7 bicycles a minute. Only a few of them - 4-5%- are recovered. While the majority of victims choose a new bicycle of inferior price, up to 23% of victims do not replace their bicycle at all. Thus, bicycle thefts provoke significant economic damage to both bicycle owners and the entire industry.

Moreover, bicycle thefts are emotionally stressful for those who experience them. Chains and U-locks are the two most widely used bicycle theft preventive measures. Millions of chains and U-locks are sold every year. Nevertheless, according to an experiment carried out by the Cyclists' Touring Club, even the most expensive 'Sold Secure Golden' standard locks can be broken in less than 42 seconds .

A bicycle lock does not guarantee security but foil the opportunist thief and slow down the professional. With Kissmybike we are building a reliable integrated solution that will enable quick bike recovery in case of theft. Our ambition is to make bike theft futile by both technical innovation and creating new collaborations with bicycle industry players.

Kissmybike adopts a business model that bridges Reference Material/Customers and end-users and follows B2B2C marketing orientation. Our main target Reference Material/Customers are bicycle manufacturers, bicycle dealers, renting and insurance companies.

We have signed a contract with Fantic Motor srl for a pilot project for 100 devices . Currently, we have scheduled trials with 6 companies (BikeeBike from Italy, SUNN and Douze Cycles from France, DIAVELO from the Netherlands, and MA NGSI Ready Devices and Corratec from Germany).

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