FIWARE-Ready: Itude Mobile - Babbler (Internet of Things)

Babbler is a small, re-usable, wireless monitoring device. It can be attached to the inside of a container or trailer door using a magnetic holder or adhesive strip.

Babblers are small reusable wireless devices. You stick them on the inside of a container or trailer door just before locking it. During a shipment, it logs the temperature and can be used as an electronic seal. The Babbler continuously broadcasts the current status of its electronic seal and other information, while the temperature log and all information about the seal during the shipment are stored internally.

You start and inspect them wirelessly: With a smartphone, or through a long-range radio option. Attaching and removing a Babbler is easy. It can be fixed with a magnetic holder or double-sided tape.

Download an app on your smartphone or in-cab device and you are ready to go. All inspections made during the shipment are visible on a dashboard.

Itude Mobile Babbler