FIWARE-Ready: IAPsolutions - IAPsmartirrigation (Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Internet of Things,Sensory Systems,Software as a Service)

IAPsmartirrigation is a centralized intelligent irrigation solution for agriculture, parks, and other green areas, facilitating significant water, fertilizer, and energy optimization.

Solution for the centralized management of irrigation infrastructures. It enables the management of all elements of the infrastructure, including those inherent to it (pumps, actuators, water deposits, weather stations, humidity, temperature, and pressure sensors, etc.), as well as external ones (meteorological agencies, satellite images, etc.) from which it gathers information to automatically reprogram the irrigation schedules, fully optimizing water and energy consumption. It allows a complete automated remote management of the infrastructure, based on modern software technologies, such as rules, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Processing.

In a context where sustainability, interoperability, and resource optimization take precedence above all else, our flexible solution covers all these needs and enables both scalability and integration with existing Smart Cities platforms.

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