FIWARE-Ready: HOPU - Smart Spot (Internet of Things,Sensory Systems)

Monitor noise, people affluence/density, and gases: nitrous vapors (NO/NO2), sulfides (H2S/SO2), carbon monoxide/dioxide (CO/CO2), Ozone, and other toxic substances (VOCs); particulate matter (PM) to identify nanoparticulate as dust (PM10), pollens (>PM40), pollutants (PM2.5) and viruses (< PM1).

Smart Spot is a data-powered solution covering IoT devices (sensors) and digital services with dashboard and decision support tools based on AI algorithms. In order to monitor air pollution, Smart Spot measures NO2, CO, SO2, NO, and O3 at specific points in real-time.

Smart Cities’ success depends on the engagement from citizens in the solutions deployed. A Smart City must provide solutions and enhancement of services for its citizens. The main problem we address is to support urban technicians and planners in their decision-making process in order to avoid penalties, accelerate investment for climate change mitigation and avoid losing grants due to lack of evidence-based indicators/results. Our ambition is to ensure that decisions consider the appropriate indicators of sustainability, climate change, air quality, and focus on people.

Aarhus, Denmark Mexico DF, Mexico Ceuti, Murcia, Molina de Segura,Cartagena, Spain Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Manga, Murcia.

HOPU has also received recognitions during last year as part of the urban design innovation such as Le Monde Smart Cities Urban Design award 2020; Green Electronics Council 2019; EIT Urban Mobility Scale-up Hub; Madrid GovTech Lab

HOPU Smart Spot