FIWARE-Ready: Gecor System - GECOR (Internet of Things,Open Data,Data Analytics)

GECOR allows managing the maintenance of public spaces in a transversal way, integrating technicians, managers, service companies and citizens.

To solve that, GECOR establishes a multidirectional communication channel that facilitates a transparent and positive relationship between a municipality and its citizens, for those who are committed to becoming a Smart City.

GECOR helps save response times up to 80% with immediate actions. Financial savings by eliminating bureaucracy and facilitating communication. It is amortized in the same year.

GECOR allows us to know the real status of incidents. Control incidents detected by technicians, clients, or companies in real-time. The historical status and the information necessary for its management are controlled.

GECOR involves citizens in the maintenance of the city, facilitates citizens' behavior change, and evaluates the perceived quality. Create a reliable channel with the citizens.

GECOR provides information on the status of the actions: the cost and the effort made by the municipality. Improve decision-making and efficiency of future hires.

Cities’ public spaces are used every hour and every day, for this reason, there is a continuous need of repairing some elements. Some questions appear during this process:

Ayuntamientos de Málaga, Granada, La Línea de la Concepción, Vélez Málaga, Torremolinos, Hialeah Gardens, Getafe, Fuengirola, Petrer, Chiclana, etc. Sercomosa, Cueva de Nerja, LIMASA, EMASA, SMASSA, URBASER, etc.

These and more References/Customers are using GECOR right now in production.

Malaga Avanza 2020 Award by Onda Cero Quality Award 2018 by the Málaga City Council

Gecor System GECOR