FIWARE-Ready: Engineering - KNOWAGE (Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Data Analytics,Open Data,Software as a Service)

KNOWAGE is the professional open-source suite for analytics and business intelligence with any data, fully compliant with FIWARE architecture and GEs.

KNOWAGE is the professional open-source suite for analytics and business intelligence over traditional sources and cloud/big data systems. KNOWAGE is developed according to the NGSI standards and implements the GE reference for data visualization. KNOWAGE provides two main modules and four plug-ins focused on specific domains, allowing to settle a tailored product for every analytical scope.

The modules of the suite are:

The plug-ins for the SI module are:

KNOWAGE complies the criteria of modern BI, giving high customization capabilities and high autonomy to the end-user, ow able to build his own analysis and explore his own data space, always in a secure and well-managed environment, fully supporting the bi-modal approach where fast development meets enterprise requirements such as data consistency and reliability.

Thanks to the open-source model and adoption of open standards, KNOWAGE can be used as-is or easily included in a third-part application giving it new value with embedded analytics.

Companies and public entities have a lot of data coming from many data sources but often are not able to get full value from the data and experience a lack of information. There is the need to add BI capability to already existing platforms or to adopt a BI solution that is open, innovative, and cross-domain. It is essential to provide a highly customized experience over data and analyses and present data through an effective data visualization. KNOWAGE enables data visualization over data managed with FIWARE GEs.

FIAT Research Center, JOT Internet Media, biAuto-Biasotti Group

2011: OW2 Open Innovation Award 2014: OW2 Market Award 2018: OW2 Best Project Market Award 2020: OW2 Best Project Technology Award

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