FIWARE-Ready: Engineering - Dashram (Data Analytics,Data Spaces)

Dashram is an Open Source tool for advanced data visualization, characterized by a simple and functional interface that provides the means to create and share 2D and 3D charts, map-based visualizations and dashboards.

Dashram provides all the tools necessary to display data through numerous charts and to compose and share dashboards. To do this, Dashram implements a layered architecture composed of different components that allow:

The amount, complexity, and diversity of data sources available at the city and territorial level is both an opportunity and a challenge for decision-makers, analysts, and ordinary citizens who want to have a clear and concise picture of the situation and dynamics of their territory. Multiple data sources and heterogeneous data formats need to be mastered and effectively managed through integrated views in order to extract knowledge and create added value.

*Lisaqua https://www.ledepar

Engineering Dashram