FIWARE-Ready: Eficae Soluciones - Industrial Meter 4.0 (Internet of Things)

Industrial mono-phase and three-phase electrical meter and analyzer. With Industrial Meter 4.0 you can get the knowledge how industrial installations process consumption and how to improve the production process.

By our Industrial Meter 4.0 they can get the knowledge about how their processes consume and how is the quality of the energy they consume, avoiding penalties for reactive production, adjusting consumes to the price curve, and covering part of the consume by photovoltaic or other renewable energies. Everything by a low-cost FIWARE Ready solution.

The industrial installations consume, usually, is not determined and the electrical rates and contracts are not adjusted to the real consumption curve of an industrial plant. Many industries don't know how they can improve the production process to the electricity Price periods and how they can reduce their payments by including renewable energies.

Industrial plants, small Industries, process plants

Eficae Soluciones Industrial Meter 4.0