FIWARE-Ready: Datakorum Solutions - BEAT (Internet of Things,Cloud Computing)

We provide different solutions that have been designed in order to simplify and optimize waste collection and treatment processes for Smart Cities. Also, we offer load control or dynamic weighing systems in vehicles and provide solutions that have been designed to make work processes easier.

This system allows real-time monitoring of the sound level environment using the built-in sound level meter.

The device behaves like an IoT sensor, establishing between it and the cloud a permanent connection. In addition to showing the noise level on the display, it also allows you to send instantaneous measurements in real-time, being able to set events, alerts, and associated alarms.

Our controller implements policies that allow a minimum data transfer using LTE-NB communication (NB-IoT).

Its connection to Datakorum CLOUD is via LTE-NB (NB-IoT) and user applications are available for PC, Android, and IOS.

Datakorum platform allows our devices to establish point-to-point connections with both our cloud and user applications developed by us or third parties. The implementation of MQTTcommunication and MySQL databases allows fast and easy integration with other platforms.

Datakorum Solutions BEAT