FIWARE-Ready: Cedesa Digital - Lapsowork (Blockchain)

Software for human resources management, integrated in FIWARE. Lapsowork dumps data in real-time and allows us to obtain statistics associated with entry records, exit records, information on the worker who performs the registration, associated temperature (COVID19 measure)...

This solution will give us an optimization of time since we will be able to know at what times there will be traffic concurrence, what ratio of absences there may be, how many active users we have daily, statistics on hiring. All this data will be available in real-time. Apart from its integration with FIWARE, Lapsowork is a complete human resources software (SaaS), designed for companies of any size that want to reduce and optimize the time dedicated to human capital management. It handles everything from personnel management, payroll management, time control, internal communication, and personnel selection processes to contract management. It is an essential tool for administrative tasks in human resources departments.

The problem is poor time management, as well as the lack of control over the different processes related to the management of human resources in companies. This generates problems in terms of compliance with schedules, regulations, and greater possibility of accidents on a section of road due to the influx of workers at a certain timeā€¦

Cedesa Digital Lapsowork