FIWARE-Ready: Axion - Traxion (Data Analytics,Internet of Things,Software as a Service)

Traxión is an automatic system for inflow and level of occupancy control, based on non-intrusive feedback sensors via IP cameras with integrated video analytics

Traxión controls entry and occupancy levels through non-intrusive sensors. It integrates with IP cameras with integrated video analysis and has an alarm system and generation of statistics on maximum, minimum, and average values ​​of the capacity in real-time. The alarms can interact with elements from other verticals such as lighting and sound, and even with the private emergency networks of the security forces.

At the current moment generated by the Covid-19 crisis, the value that this Spanish platform can bring is high: its ability to contribute to monitoring people and movements is a key aspect of the measures to be adopted in the future in the face of the progressive lack of understanding the population and the organization and maintenance of social distance.

Customizable presentation interface: Storage, processing, and presentation in customizable

The possibility to connect Video Analytics and Edge computing of its data to the Fiware environment. Counting and people flow monitoring

Innovative Solution SICUR 2020

Axion Traxion