FINESCE announces the live “energy marketplace dashboard” of Terni trial site (to be) publicly available


After an effort spent to anonymize all the data gathered from the Terni trial site, FINESCE makes a section of the “energy marketplace dashboard” publicly available. It is being implemented with data gathered from the trial site located in the italian city of Terni which is one of the seven trial site developed in the FINESCE project. 

The purpose is to show the potential of Generic Enablers when used in a real test pilot. The application (and services behind it) is completely hosted by FIWARE Lab (Spanish region) and comprises the integration of several FIWARE Generic Enablers, namely:

ORION Context Broker

COSMOS Big Data Analysis

PROTON Complex Event Processing

WIRECLOUD Application Mashup

KEYROCK Identity Manager

Object Storage (not in the publicly available version)

IDAS Backend Device Management (still under development)

The dashboard is built by using the Wirecloud Application Mashup GE and it shows different data sets gathered from the field such as temperature, cloudiness, wind speed, social events in the area; these parametres may affect the energy grid stability, energy production in case of photovoltaic power plants and load profiles both at single smart meter level and at an aggregated level. The dashboard includes both panels showing real-time data and historical graphs for consumed/produced load and metering profile.

Beyond the publicly available application, neural networks algorithms have been implemented to elaborate short-term forecast about power losses, voltage drops, consumption and production. The target users are energy grid operators such as Distribution System Operators and Aggregators; they can use this tool to manage and discover insights about a mid-voltage/low-voltage energy grid under observation. 

You can access the “energy marketplace dashboard” by using the demo account (login: and password: password) For further information you can contact:

Pasquale Andriani – pasquale.andriani AT

Massimiliano Nigrelli – massimiliano.nigrelli AT

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