FI-WARE 1st Open Call


The FI-WARE project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out by a new beneficiary or beneficiaries which will join the consortium after start of the project. These later-joining beneficiaries are selected by means of a series of competitive Open Calls.

Each FI-WARE Open Call is focused on a number of topics. Proposers are selected for each topic, with one or more successful proposer in each.  Each topic refers to a set of functionalities to be supported by GEs to be integrated in the FI-WARE Platform. Proposals should address the definition of open and royalty-free specifications, as well as the development of a reference implementation, of new GEs in the FI-WARE Platform that will cover these functionalities.

The FI-WARE project follows an Agile process to implement its work plan. Aligned with this, the set of functionalities to be covered by proposers to each topic are described in the form of Epics. Regarding the FI-WARE First Open Call, the topics to be covered were:

  • Middleware for efficient and QoS/Security-aware invocation of services and exchange of messages.

This topic was focused on a middleware GE that can overcome limitations of existing middleware technologies while still supporting backward compatibility to most widely used ones. Goal was to achieve the highest levels of performance, to keep specified QoS requirements, in the various networking environments making up the Future Internet, as well as to incorporate a number of relevant features such as management of credentials when handling messages or accountability and traceability functions. Last but not least, this component was defined as to enable a middleware-neutral definition of interfaces exported by FI-WARE components.

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  • Business Models and Business Elements (BM & BE) Definition and Simulation.

This topic was focused on a GE that supports application providers in the design of innovative Business Models based on the combination of the applications/services they offer and services provided by either FI-WARE GEs or complementary applications/services provided by third parties.  Definition of such Business Models would comprise the definition of the different offerings, policy rules to manage prices including promotions, bundling, etc as well as how SLAs violations will be managed/compensated. Last but not least, this GE should provide the ability to simulate Business Models so that application providers can anticipate how they could work.

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Submitters to this Open Call had to be legal entities that are established in an EU Member State, or FP7 Associated State.

Before responding the 1st Open Call, it was recommended that submitters:

  • Analyze the FI-WARE Vision, where definition of main concepts (GE, FI-WARE Instance, FI-WARE Testbed and Open Innovation Lab, etc) are provided and the current chapters of FI-WARE are described.
  • Understand how FI-WARE is applying Agile because new beneficiaries joining the FI-WARE Consortium will have to follow defined processes and tools.
  • Analyze which Generic Enablers FI-WARE partners are currently being implemented in a joint effort towards Materializing the FI-WARE Vision.

The following documents include helpful information that was offered to submitters to prepare their proposal:

You can download the announcement of the First Open Call here:

The planned schedule associated to the first Open Call is shown below. 


First FI-WARE Open Call Schedule




Call publication on the project Web Site

31st January 2012

Deadline for proposal submission

25th April 2012

Acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail

26th April 2012

27th April 2012

Proposal evaluation

26th April 2012

Early June 2012


Early June 2012

Mid June 2012

Acceptance by FI-WARE Consortium

Mid June 2012

Acceptance by the Commission

July 2012

Signature of the Consortium Agreement

July 2012


Delivery of Consensus View Report from the experts to all proposers

July 2012  


Other interesting information:

Project acronym: FI-WARE
Project grant agreement number: 285248
Project full name: FI-WARE: Future Internet Core Platform
Call open: The call opens on 31 January 2012
Deadline: The call closes on 25 April 2012 at 17h00 (Brussels time)
Expected duration of participation in project: July 2012 to April 2014
Total EC funding available for new partners: up to 2 Million Euro.
Call identifier: FI-WARE: Open Call 1 for additional beneficiaries
Language in which proposals should be submitted: English
Web address for further information: this web page
Email address for submissions: (subject: “FI-WARE: Open Call 1 for additional beneficiaries”)
Email address for further information:


The announcement of the 1st Open Call was also broadcasted via our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn channels.