Oct 01 2020

Time- CET (UTC+01:00)

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Open and Standard Data Models for Smart Cities, Territories and Destinations

About the Event

Open Data Models with well-defined semantics are key in the creation of truly interoperable and replicable solutions for intelligent cities, territories, and destinations. In a global market, it is essential to address the development of such models under the umbrella of initiatives with an international dimension. During this session, the “Smart Data Models” initiative will be presented, which the FIWARE Foundation, in collaboration with various relevant global bodies, has launched and is achieving significant global traction in various application domains. We will also explain how different organizations including public administrations can join this initiative and contribute the models they are developing within their projects, this way protecting their investment.

Featured Speakers:

Tomás Llorente (Architect, Entrepreneur @pulsecurity, Leader, U4SSC & TEDx speaker)
Gonzalo Alfredo de la Rosa (Director of Instituto Ciudades del Futuro, La Plata Argentina)
Alberto Abella (Data Model Expert, FIWARE Foundation)
Juanjo Hierro (CTO, FIWARE Foundation)

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