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Jan 19 2022 - Jan 20 2022


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There is a growing wave of awareness and excitement about the power of Data to spur innovation, competitiveness, progress, and, ultimately, transform our economies and society. Nevertheless, as the global data economy grows, there is still uncertainty on how data flows can be efficiently managed to move away from siloed approaches towards coordinated global approaches that can really transform the markets and thrive sustainable Data Economies.

If we want organizations to participate in this thriving Data Economy, we need frameworks that boost their data sharing capabilities, allowing them to benefit from new cross-domain data value chains, create smart solutions, scale their businesses and, in return, gain a strong position in the market. We are talking about a sustainable ecosystem that provides the right tools, knowledge, and support for organizations/SMEs to share data in a trusted and effective manner. An ecosystem that enables the creation of interoperable data sharing infrastructures, commonly known as “Data Spaces,” that can be deployed everywhere by multiple operators and for everyone’s benefit.

Fully aligned with the European Data Strategy, FIWARE actively contributes to the creation of a single market where data can be shared and exchanged effectively and securely across sectors and industries, as a precondition for the sustainable development of a Data Economy for the benefit of all and not just a few players. Moreover, the FIWARE ecosystem has a proven track record in creating standards that are accepted and adapted on a global scale.

Following the success of the first edition of FIWARE Smart Fest in 2021, we are thrilled to organize the second edition of this virtual event, this time, focusing on Data Spaces. We welcome all our awesome members, growing community, new friends, fans, and anybody who wants to contribute to turning Data Spaces into reality!


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