Sep 23 2020

Time- CET (UTC+01:00)

10:00 am - 11:00 am



FIWARE and micro-ROS: Enabling Robotics Systems on Micro-controllers

The aim of this webinar is to give an introduction about the existing synergies between FIWARE, ROS and micro-ROS – the Robot Operating System for microcontrollers – frameworks.

Special emphasis will be put on how to build interfaces between Powered by FIWARE architectures and ROS2/micro-ROS based robotic systems. The SOSS-FIWARE, based on the eProsima Integration Service, is a key enabler that accelerates the development of these interfaces between micro-ROS and FIWARE ecosystems. Through a basic application, the main features of this component as well as the key concepts associated with the synergies between FIWARE and micro-ROS will be overviewed.

Speaker: Francisco Meléndez (Technical Expert and Evangelist, FIWARE Foundation)
Chapter: Robotics
Difficulty: 3
Audience: Technical Domain Specific

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