Sep 15 2022

Time- CET (UTC+01:00)

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Disruptive Tech & Trends Track: Aritficial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Applying MLOps and MLaaS concepts in a FIWARE-enabled environment – Benoit Orihuela (EGM)

ML-OPS with Fiware using Cosmos – Joaquin Salvachua

Boosting Data Economy with AI-powered Data Preparation – Ernoe Kovacs

Urban Data Analytics from Space – Gaetano Volpe (LAT40)

SPOTTED: How the Context Broker is able to play a key role in the context of massive data collection from different sources including Earth Observation (EO) – Francesco Mureddu (TBD)

Low Emission Zones: a mobility use-case powered by AI and FIWARE – Antonio Jara (Libelium – HOPU)

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