Jun 18 2021

Time- CET (UTC+01:00)

All Day

Digitaltag Deutschland

Shaping digitization together
About the Event

How do we obtain information, shop, learn, communicate with each other, seek medical advice, or use public administration services? Digitization is profoundly changing our everyday and professional lives. Everyone must be enabled to move confidently and securely, self-assuredly and self-determinedly in the digital world.

With the goal of promoting digital participation for all, 27 organizations have joined forces in the “Digital for All” initiative. Because we believe that only together can we shape the digital transformation.

To this end, the annual Digital Day has been launched. With numerous activities, the event wants to shed light on the various aspects of digitization and discuss them together: about concerns and fears, about opportunities and challenges. Together, we can provide insights, make digitization tangible and thus understandable.

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