Jun 08 2021


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm



Deep Dive: FIWARE in North America

North America has strongly been opening up for open source solutions over the past years. In this session, we will be discussing current trends and how to exploit them, the level of market adoption in open source including the role of Digital Twin technology and AI. Many new “green” agendas are creating additional business opportunities (e.g. Circular Economy programs) that open up collaboration models for North American companies as well as for Europe, LATAM, and Asia. With the FIWARE Texas iHub and FIWARE members like Red Hat or BluSky, we are paving the way for further successful strategy exploitation to adoption in all FIWARE target domains.

Including top-level speakers Jem Pagán (President, BluSky), Humberto Olivo (Founder, the Texas Project), Albert Seubers (Global Strategy Director Smart X, Atos), Philippe Cases (CEO, Topio Networks), Mark Rewers (Chief Technology Officer, BluSky Consulting) and Alexander Soley (Vice President of Smart City Advisory Services, BluSky Consulting), this Deep Dive will be an interactive session with workshop-like parts covering questions and talk around:

– New trends and advances in open source digital twin technology (FIWARE)
– Strategies for the adoption of smart city open source for governments
– Use cases and economic conditions challenging our municipalities
– FIWARE as an Industry 4.0 future-proof adoption strategy
– Career advancement opportunities FIWARE adoption
– What are the geographical and cultural trends in the western hemisphere that make FIWARE a mission-critical resource to discover and explore?
– How can FIWARE be supported as a western hemisphere best practice for smart city planning and implementation?
– What is required to support the accelerated adoption of FIWARE in the Americas?
– How can western hemisphere organizations, governments, and enterprises support adoption in the Americas?




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