FIWARE is growing in adoption by cities around the globe, becoming the open source platform of choice for building smart city solutions and supporting smart cities into their transformation journey.


Three major achievements have consolidated the position of FIWARE an as open source initiative driving the definition of “de facto” standards for Smart Cities, Communities and Territories:

  • The European Commission (EC) formally adopted FIWARE Context Broker technology (the core of any “Powered by FIWARE” architecture) as CEF Building Block within their Digital CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program and will be recommended for Public Administration of European Union member states, something that is also relevant outside the EU.
  • FIWARE NGSI (the integration API supported by the FIWARE Context Broker) is the basis of the NGSI-LD API specifications published by ETSI this year. This represents a major milestone since cities can refer to an open specification supported by a reputed global standardization body like ETSI in their Public Procurement processes.
  • TM Forum and the FIWARE Foundation launched the Front-runner Smart Cities Collaboration Program that is targeted to provide a collaboration framework where cities (and their technologies partners) can join efforts towards the definition of a “Powered by FIWARE” Reference Architecture for Smart Cities as well as standard Common Information Models compatible with the FIWARE NGSI API. With TMForum we are also developing the basis for the support of a Data Economy by Cities and their transformation into platforms (City as a Platform).

To complement and reinforce these achievements the FIWARE Foundation has created a GCTC Action Cluster targeted to demonstrate the potential impact of creating a digital single market for smart cities based on the adoption of a minimum common set of de-facto platform standards enabling solutions to interoperate within, and be replicable across, multiple cities.

The Action Cluster is linked to the FIWARE Smart City showcases program focused on building a portfolio of showcases involving real cities and their technology partners across the world. Such showcases would proof how solutions developed for cities that have adopted FIWARE and standard Common Information Models will more easily interoperate each other and will be easier to replicate from one city to another, with little adaptation effort. Some of them will also help to illustrate advanced concepts such as the evolution of Cities into platforms, enabling the creation of innovative solutions by third parties using right-time context data and the development of a Data Economy.



Topic: Learn more about the FIWARE value proposition for Smart Cities, leveraging the Front-runner Smart Cities initiative and the FIWARE Smart Cities showcase program.

Where & When: July 10th, 16:15-17:30 in Room 150A


Topic: Keynote on International Perspectives

Speaker: Ulrich Ahle (CEO, FIWARE Foundation)

Where & When: July 11th, 10:10-10:40


Topic: Global Digital Single Market for Smart Cities

Speaker: Juanjo Hierro (CTO, FIWARE Foundation)

Where & When: July 11th, 13:00-13:10 (Breakout Session)

Please note: The Smart Cities workshop is free of charge and open to all participants registered for the GCTC event. We therefore kindly ask all participants to remember to register for both the event AND the workshop. This can be done free of charge. 


Experience the power of FIWARE live! The FIWARE Foundation and its members will showcase a portfolio of solutions adopted in real cities that illustrate the benefits of adopting the core standards that FIWARE brings. Visit our booth (409) at the GCTC exhibition area.