30 July 2020 from 14:00-17:00 (CEST)



The future of Smart Tourism and Smart Destinations: Open Source and Standards on the Path to a Sustainable Recovery


Today more than ever we need to move from vision to action. Our existing knowledge might be subject to a tourism paradigm-shift due to the coronavirus pandemic with most of the cities reeling from a new and unexpected economic shock.

The objective of the session is to inspire private companies, public administrations, universities, research institutions, and general audiences to support a better and responsive recovery. We are inviting key voices in tourism, which are leading by example, to share their initiatives together with real use cases of how cities are transforming their tourism industry, including Malaga; Nice; Gothenburg, and Montevideo.

Innovation means creating new markets and staying relevant. It is about turning ideas into ready-to-use smart solutions, supporting the creation of new products and services, replicate, scale-up, and consequently, making a meaningful impact in the market or society. Cooperation towards innovation, as well as building strong connections, may help public and private organisations to bring results outside the boundaries of any given region/nation.

This free virtual experience will also invite FIWARE Community experts to discuss how Open Source technology and key standards are contributing to the ability and speed to address urgent challenges and the needs of society and the world as a whole.