What is FIWARE?

FIWARE is an open source initiative defining a universal set of standards for context data management which facilitate the development of Smart Solutions for different domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood, and Smart Energy.

In any smart solution there is a need to gather and manage context information, processing that information and informing external actors, enabling them to actuate and therefore alter or enrich the current context. The FIWARE Context Broker component is the core component of any “Powered by FIWARE” platform. It enables the system to perform updates and access to the current state of context.

The Context Broker in turn is surrounded by a suite of additional platform components, which may be supplying context data (from diverse sources such as a CRM system, social networks, mobile apps or IoT sensors for example), supporting processing, analysis and visualization of data or bringing support to data access control, publication or monetization.

Why use FIWARE?

All interactions between applications or platform components and the Context Broker take place using the FIWARE NGSI RESTful API – a simple, yet powerful open standard.


Providing an intuitive interface readily accessible to any web developer


Supporting subscription/notification, geo-queries, federation, pagination, and Linked Data



Current FIWARE NGSI specifications are public and royalty-free and align with the NGSI-LD specifications published by ETSI

The open standard nature of FIWARE NGSI offers programmers the ability to port their applications across different “Powered by FIWARE” platforms and a stable framework for future development. Additional functionality can be easily added to a Smart Solution simply by using additional FIWARE or third-party components for which the integration with the FIWARE Context Broker component is solved. This integration is simplified since all components comply to the FIWARE NGSI standard interface, which eliminates vendor lock in. The component-based nature of a FIWARE based solution allows for re-architecting as the solution evolves according to business needs.

Do you want to try your first FIWARE application?

Check out our NGSI-v2 and Linked Data tutorials and learn how

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Willing to contribute your technology to FIWARE?

How to extend a solution powered by FIWARE?

Building around the FIWARE Context Broker, a rich suite of complementary open source FIWARE components are available, dealing with:

  • Interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots and third-party systems
  • Context Data/API management, publication and monetization
  • Processing, analysis and visualization of context information

In addition, the FIWARE platform brings a number of Deployment tools easing the deployment and configuration of FIWARE or third-party components and their integration with FIWARE Context Broker technology.

FIWARE is not about take it all or nothing. You are not forced to use these complementary FIWARE Generic Enablers but are free to combine them with other third-platform components to design the hybrid platform of your choice. As long as it uses the FIWARE Context Broker technology to manage context information, your platform can be labeled as “Powered by FIWARE” and solutions build on top as well. Listings of many FIWARE Ready devices and commercial “Powered by FIWARE” solutions can be found on the FIWARE Marketplace.

Assured quality

FIWARE components go through an extensive set of Quality Assurance (QA) tests run by dedicated members of the FIWARE Community. This way, you may gain trust about the status and maturity of any FIWARE component.

QA tests are not only functional but cover performance testing as well as quality of available documentation, training objects, etc.

Just check-out the QA labeling assigned to each of the FIWARE components.

Leading the smart

FIWARE is becoming the open source platform of choice for designing the Reference Architecture of Smart Solutions and Platforms in multiple application domains.


“The combination of our business-focused APIs that make it easy to create flexible urban digital ecosystems and FIWARE’s contextual APIs that can access real-time city data, will make it faster and easier to create applications that can be replicated across cities” Carl Piva Vice President Strategic Programs at TM Forum


“At OASC, we know that a thriving global market, that really caters for local needs, is only wishful thinking without a strong common ground: open standards, open APIs, open architectures” Martin Brynskov Chair, Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC)


“Knowing the source, meaning and reliability of data is absolutely critical in making decisions, especially where legal liability exists. After many discussions with various stakeholders, we confirmed that sharing data can benefit all parties as long as people – and software systems – know they are talking about the same things” Dr. Lindsay Frost Chairman of ETSI ISG CIM

A complete set of resources at your service

As a first step, we suggest you start building a simple NGSI-v2 app. Check out the tutorials and learn how. Developers can also access sample code which is available on GitHub and develop their first applications following the steps recommended on the FIWARE Tour Guide, downloading and tweaking the FIWARE Tour Application, or obtaining further training through the FIWARE Webinars and FIWARE Academy. The FIWARE Lab will also help to set up a temporal or more stable Cloud infrastructure where you can play and experiment.

Any questions?

You can ask questions on StackOverflow, but if you don’t feel comfortable using that forum, you can use the technical help desk.

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