FIWARE provides an enhanced OpenStack-based cloud environment plus a rich set of open standard APIs that make it easier to connect to the Internet of Things, process and analyse Big data and real-time media or incorporate advanced features for user interaction.



Development of Context-Aware
Applications using FIWARE

Orion Context Broker allows you to model, manage and gather context information at large scale enabling context-aware applications.

Connection to the Internet of Things

IDAS IoT Agents allow your application to easily gather context information from sensors or actuate upon physical objects.

Real time processing
of Context Events

Proton Complex Event Processing (CEP) analyses events, e.g. updates on context, in real-time to detect scenarios where actions have to be triggered or new events are created.

Handling Authorization
& Access Control to APIS

FIWARE brings a powerful framework that will allow you to setup Authorization and Access Control policies based on widely adopted Security standards (OAuth, XACML).

Publication of Context
Information as Open Data

FIWARE incorporates CKAN as part of its architecture for open data. CKAN extensions allow to manage access not only to static historic data but real-time context information, as well as the management of access control rights.

Big Data Analysis
of Historic Context Information

Cygnus allows you to inject historic context information records into an HDFS based storage. BigData analysis or advanced queries can then be performed over historic data.

Creating Application Dashboards

Wirecloud is a web mashup platform aimed at empowering end users, without programming skills, to easily create fully-fledged application dashboards built up from widgets, operators and other pre-existing mashups.

Real time processing of Media Streams

Kurento allows you to process, in real-time, multimedia information so that you can incorporate into your application extended sensing capabilities based on cameras or microphones (detecting faces, crowds, plates,…)

Providing an Advanced
User Experience (UX)

These components allow you to incorporate advanced features in your web-based user interface, such as Augmented Reality or 3D visualization.

Hosting your Application
on a FIWARE Cloud

The FIWARE Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service platform based on OpenStack, comprising the Compute (Nova), Storage (Cinder), Network (Neutron) and Image (Glance) services. All the application components running in a centralized data center can be provisioned and managed using the FIWARE Cloud capabilities.


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FoneSense is the largest audio billboard network in the world. FoneSense uses multi-sensory mobile engagement to enable advertisers to reach their target consumers and turn them into brand ambassadors, rewarding them with coupons, apps, cash or donations to charity.

Fi- guardian

FI-Guardian is a Smart Monitor for Adverse Events. It improves monitoring, enlarges communication channels, fortifies alert systems and promotes interoperability to assist citizens and governments so that they can face, together, adverse circumstances such as natural disasters.

Small Signals

Small Signals is a mobile app that allows the user to measure parameters (such as PH or water temperature), recover the historical data and perform actions over the actuators and relays. Also data from different origin can be mashed up into the mobile or the Cloud applications to use on the control logic.

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