Mobilize your connected car company to make an impact!

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Dec 152017
CCar design 2 - 800x800

After a record-breaking number of 2,000 startups applying to the last IMPACT Growth open call, IMPACT offers the opportunity to accede €60+ equity free funding and top level acceleration, becoming part of a worldwide reaching network that will boost your connected car company to make an global impact.

The open call for startups and companies ends on Wednesday, January 10th. More than 200 startups have already started their applications. Don’t wait and complete yours! There are less than four week left to participate.

If you are not directly going to concur, but want to support our partner and spread the word, it is the perfect time to share the news, reach out and encourage your contacts to apply.

As a final boost for open but still to be completed applications, IMPACT Connected Car is organizing a free, global event online on Thursday, January 4th at 19h CET, where you will hear from a startup being accelerated by IMPACT and ask questions in real time.

A €141 billion market might be waiting for your winning project! Up to €2.1 million will be distributed by IMPACT Connected Car programme, partnered with global brands including PSA Group, Ferrovial Servicios, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile and FIWARE.

It’s time to start, to complete and to submit your application. Best luck!

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Knowage Brings FIWARE to the Paris Open Source Summit 2017

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Dec 132017

Last week, the third edition of the Paris Open Source Summit took place in Paris, France. The event hereby replaced two pre-existing events: the Solutions Linux event and the Open World Forum. Paris Open Source is the first European Free and Open source event, aiming to exhibit the technological innovations, the reality and the economic dynamism of its solutions, as well as the societal impacts of this digital sector. The 2017 edition of the event focussed primarily on open innovation. 

Engineering, a FIWARE Foundation Platinum Member, and Knowage, the professional open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems, both attended the Summit last week. In addition, Alessandro Portosa, Software Engineer and Technical Consultant at Knowage Labs, presented Knowage's contribution to FIWARE with regards to developing the new ecosystem for Smart Applications as part of the Collaborative EU Projects session on December 6th.

To watch Alessandro's entire presentation, be sure to head on over to Twitter

The Final 6 ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions Joining Us at the SCEWC 2017

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Nov 022017

After introducing the first 6 'Powered by FIWARE' Solutions to join FIWARE at the Smart City Expo World Congress from 14-16 November, it is time to introduce the final 6. We can't wait to share the FIWARE Stand B231 with these fantastic solutions. So, without further ado:

1. Situm The "GPS" for indoors. Zero infrastructure. Highest precision. Fastest deployment. 

2. e3tcity Develops wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices designed to work with IoT.

3. Ateknea (Bettair) Air City Monitoring Platform (A2CM) – valuable and accurate air measurements from low-cost gas sensors.

4. TeamDev (WiseTown) An innovative solution for Smart Cities to gather, aggregate, and interpret information from different, heterogeneous streams.

5. FiCodes (Opplafy) Opplafy fosters the creation of an Economy of Data with a set of components for Data Monetization and Visualization.

6. OptionsNet (SaMMY) Smart app in the world of yachting marinas, aspiring to be the ultimate travel companion for yachters, skippers and marina administrators.

Continue to watch this space for more information regarding our attendance at the event, speaker sessions, and the ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions that will be joining us at the SCEWC.

Introducing The First FIWARE Tech Summit Speakers!

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Oct 132017

Our upcoming FIWARE Tech Summit is set to take place on the 28th and the 29th of November in Málaga, Spain, and believe us when we say, this is one event this year you won’t want to miss!

The event is for YOU and about YOU, and we look forward to welcoming the most talented developers and up-and-coming startups (Yes, you included!) to showcase their products and to learn how to implement FIWARE Technology!

But wait, there’s more! We’re currently getting a hold of some of the coolest speakers out there. We’re talking Peter Hopwood, our fantastic Master of Ceremony, and Johann Romefort, a Munich-based Tech Evangelist, who will also be a judge at our exciting startup competition for a fast track to be a part of the IMPACT Growth Accelerator!

BUT WAIT, there’s STILL more! Corporate stars, such as Christian Lindener, the CEO of Telefónica’s accelerator Wayra Germany, will be leading the corporate panel on why huge corporates are interested in doing business with start-ups. Bottom line: There's lots to look forward to!

Told you, you won’t want to miss this! Get your tickets NOW!

IMPACT Growth Global Accelerator, about to kick off at 4YFN

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Feb 172017

In his recent open letter to the startup community, Sebastian Muller, IMPACT Acceleration Director (ISDI), told us about the new team he is leading: IMPACT Growth. We had the chance to first meet this new project at the FIWARE Summit: after the closing of our previous programme, a new round of acceleration was announced, with two spin-off projects –the other would be frontierCities 2– that aim to drive powered by FIWARE startups even further.

This week, we had the chance to know more about IMPACT Growth first open call:

“IMPACT Growth is going to tell the world about the new equity free acceleration program. Selected startups will get at least €100,000 equity free, and training and support from IMPACT Growth’s partners, as well as enjoying the benefits of joining the FIWARE ecosystem.

More details are under wraps until the big day, but we can tell you that an unprecedented team has come together, uniting VCs, global corps and accelerators from around the world.

All the details will be announced on February 27 in Barcelona at 4YFN, the world’s largest mobile event. Check out our agenda for the event here. Join us there and be among the very first to learn about this exciting new project.”

impact facebook (1)The message and challenge that IMPACT Growth is addressing should be attracting startups, with a global reach. “Our mission is to create the best accelerator program for startups from all over Europe and the world”, expresses Nacho de Pinedo, CEO of ISDI. Continuous work is granted, under a single, strong principle that will lead this new venture to an even greater success: everything that IMPAC Growth do, must be done to benefit the startups.

“We’re bringing together a widespread, generous community of digital business and experts. Working together, we all win”, concludes de Pinedo. To achieve this goal, IMPACT Growth will be combining the forces of a diverse team of acceleration, corporate and venture capitals, like Funding Box, ISDI, Accelerace, Mobile World Capital, Invesdor, Kibo Ventures, MADE, Danone, DOCOMO Digital, Ferrovial, ISDI Mexico and the FIWARE Foundation.

FIWARE will be joining IMPACT Growth at the 4YFN stand, with seven powered by FIWARE companies presenting their solutions. Come and meet us there!

Next week, another post will be published, with more details about our presence at the event in Barcelona.

Check out the IMPACT Growth agenda for the event:

Sign up for the IMPACT Growth newsletter now, and be the first to learn about this announcement:

FI-ADOPT 1st Open Call Evaluation Process

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Feb 242015
FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

The following post has been written by the team of FI-Adopt. We would like to thank them for their collaboration and their willingness to participate.

The FI-ADOPT 1st Open Call was closed on 30 October 2014. In total 242 proposals were in progress, but 112 were submitted on time (46,28%). The geographical distribution of the submitted proposals are shown in Figure 1. Spain submitted the maximum number of proposals (31), followed by UK (10), Italy (11), Greece (8), Netherlands (6).


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 1: FI-ADOPT 1st Open Call Proposals Geographical Distribution

From the submitted proposals (Figure 2), 50% targeted thematic area 1 (Learning & Training), 42% area 2 (Healthy behaviour shaping), 7% Social Integration and 1% the “Other” category (Collective awareness). The wide majority of proposals were initiated by SMEs (74%), while teams of individuals/web entrepreneurs have been 26%  (Figure 3). The proposals claimed to utilise an average of 6.44 GEs, having as maximum 20 GEs (!) and as minimum just 1 GE.




FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 2: 1st Open Call Proposals Geographical Distribution




FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 3: 1st Open Call Proposals Distribution per applicant type

For the proposals evaluation, a group of 37 experts was originally formed and finally 18 were selected. The selection was based on criteria such as technical excellence in the areas addressed by FI-ADOPT, expertise of the FIWARE technology, profession type/category, gender and nationality. Emphasis was given at the industrial background /profession (53%, from which 18% were from SMEs). In addition, 29% of the experts are from the research/academic community and 18% from the financial/business angels domain (Figure 4). The call category expertise distribution was almost equal, having many experts covering more than one area (Figure 5). In all evaluations, at least one of the evaluators was selected to have good knowledge of the FIWARE technology (Figure 6).


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 4: Selected Experts distribution by profession type


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 5: Selected Experts distribution by call category expertise


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 6: Selected Experts distribution by FIWARE knowledge


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator

Figure 7: Selected Experts by Gender


Overall 13 proposals have been selected. The proposals in the short list request 1.699.578€ out of the 1,7M€ that have been allocated for the 1st Open Call. The short listed proposals distribution (Figure 8) is 39% targeted to thematic area 1 (Learning & Training), 46% to thematic area 2 (Healthy behaviour shaping) and to 15% Social Integration. However, many applications state that they address social integration as 2nd in the relevance order.


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator


Figure 8: Short listed proposals per domain


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator


Figure 9: Short listed proposals distribution per applicant type

The selected proposals are 15% from web entrepreneurs and 85% from SMEs. Yet, as 31% are start-ups, we can assume that at least 46% of the short listed proposals initiated or will initiate a new businesses.

The selected applications will utilise an average of 7.85 GEs. The average funding request is 130.736 EUROs. Most of the projects plan to go into commercialization of the proposed application in less than 15 months from the project starting date, with an extra funding of less than 50.000 EUROs. The distribution per country is shown in Figure 10.


FI-Adopt FIWARE Accelerator


Figure 10: Geographic distribution of the short listed proposals

FIWARE Accelerator Programme First Call in Figures

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Feb 132015
FIWARE Accelerator Programme

Now that the first FIWARE Open Call is over, we are happy to share with you all the information regarding the selected teams and how the efforts of the accelerators will spread all throughout Europe. Do you want to know which country has presented more proposals? Or do you want to find out which business domain is the most popular? What about the members of teams or the FIWARE chapters that have been mostly used?

Now you have all of this information in this wonderful infographic that FI-Impact, focused on measuring and projecting potential take-up and impact of Phase III Accelerator Projects co-funded under the Future Internet PPP, has created. If these great results are only from the first open call, which will be the results of the second open call?



Jul 252014


The next 28-29 July will be held The II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – EUBR 2014 in Brasilia-DC within the celebration of the XXXIV CSBC – Congress of the Computer Science Society, the major conference in Computer Science in Brazil.

After the FI-WARE successful repercussion at the Campus Party Brazil 2014, the 29th July will be an all-day workshop where FI-WARE will be presented through different showcases, conferences and debates. In this event the cities, the urban improvement and the entrepreneurship will have a relevant role.

This workshop will contribute to the expansion of FI-WARE as an open platform for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs all over the world. 

In 2009, The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, together with the European Commission Delegation in Brazil and the DG Connect Unit of the European Commission, in partnership with USP, the University of Brasilia and the National Education and Research Network, promoted the I EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies, the EUBR 2009. This workshop was originally created to generate initiatives for a common research between Brazil and Europe.

The II EUBR 2014 is supported by the SBC, the SEPIN / MCTI of Brazil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union Delegation in Brasilia and the DG Connect Unit of the European Commission.

Here is the agenda of the FI-WARE session:

09:00-09:30    Opening of the session
Américo Bernardes – Director of Digital Inclusion – Ministério das Comunicações Brasil
Jorge Pereira (European Commission-DG CONNECT)

09:30-10:30    FI-WARE value proposition
Juanjo Hierro. FI-WARE Chief Architect and Coordinator

10:00-10:15    Materializing Smart Cities using FI-WARE in Europe
Stefano de Panfilis. FI-Lab coordinator and FI¬PPP Steering Board Chair

10:15-10:45    FI-Lab nodes in Brazil
Representatives from USP and UFU universities

10:45-11:15    Smart Cities initiatives in Brazil – Part I

10:45-11:00    FI-Guardian: first success story in Brazil
Marcos Marconi. FI-Guardian

11:00-11:15    USP Cidades FI-WARE Use Case
Sergio Takeo Kofuji. USP

11:15-11:30    Coffee break

11:30-12:45    Smart Cities initiatives in Brazil- Part II

11:30-11:45    Human Cities and FI-WARE
Prof. Dr. Álvaro Oliveira. Coordenador das Human Smart Cities Network.

11:45-12:00    The Brazilian Forum strategy for Human Smart Cities
Dr. André Gomyde Porto (President of Forum Nacional de Secretários 
Municipais de Ciência e Tecnologia)

12:00-12:10    A proposal for the Brazilian Institute of Human Smart Cities
Prof. Anilton Salles Garcia (Director President of FAPES)

12:10-12:20    Presentation by Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Dr. Délio Malheiros (Vice Mayor)

12:20-12:30    Presentation by Curitiba, Parana
Dr. Paulo Roberto Miranda (Municipality Secretary of Information and Technology)

12:30-12:40    Presentation by Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Dr. Ricardo Oliveira (CEO of iPLAN Rio)

12:40-12:50    Presentation by Vitoria, Espirito Santo
Prof. Anilton Salles Garcia (Director President of FAPES)

12:50-13:15    Open debate about collaboration opportunities

13:15-14:30    Lunch break

14:30-16:30    SECOMU (key note in main room, no parallel sessions)

16:30-17:00    Coffee Break

17:00-17:20    FI-WARE and National Technology Platforms: the case of Spain
Luis Ignacio Vicente. President of Spanish Technology Platform on Future Internet.

17:20-17:40    Presentation on FI-WARE acceleration program
Stefano de Panfilis. FI-Lab coordinator and FI-PPP Steering Board Chair

17:40-18:00    Challenges and opportunities regarding entrepreneurship in Brazil
Felipe Matos, COO at Start-UP Brasil

18:00-19:00    Open debate about collaboration opportunities

For more info visit: