‘Powered by FIWARE’ Smart City Projects – Last Month to APPLY to frontierCities2 MAG2!

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Jan 102018

Acceleration programme frontierCities2 is calling all startups and SMEs with 'Powered by FIWARE' applications in the Smart Cities sector to apply to their MAG2 Open Call!


With up to €75,000 equity free up for grabs, 7 months of coaching and mentoring, as well as tailored technical and commercial support to succeed in the Market take-up phase, this is a fantastic opportunity for all SMEs and startups in the domain of Future Internet 'Powered by FIWARE' technology in the Smart Cities sector.


Curious to see if YOU are eligible for MAG2? Here are the criteria:

  • MAG2 Grants are dedicated only to powered by FIWARE applications for the Smart Cities domain, already developed during earlier EU FI-PPP programmes (Phase 1 and 2) or during the FI-PPP Phase 3 – A16 acceleration programme.
  • Applicants must be SMEs or a startups established in a EU Member State or H2020 Associated Country. (What is an SME? What are H2020 Associated Countries?)
  • Applicants must prove they had already executed a FIWARE app pilot in real life, with a relevant number of users in collaboration with a city and/or corporate/industrial partner and/or other institutional entity.
  • The solution must be FIWARE-powered!

Ready to APPLY? Click HERE to get started. For more information about this unique acceleration programme, its value proposition and the MAG2 application process, head on over to the frontierCities2 website! All applications must be submitted by Wednesday, 31st January 2018 at 5 pm CET.


Acting Local To Go Global: Become a FIWARE iHub!

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Nov 102017

Are you managing a research or business center? Then we’ve got a fantastic opportunity for YOU! Our network of iHubs is growing and we’re looking for new iHubs to join our ever-growing network with an Open Call starting on October 12th, 2017. 

A FIWARE iHub is made up of one or more competence centers where a number of activities will be carried out to foster the development of the FIWARE ecosystem at local level. These activities include promoting FIWARE through organized events and engaging the local tech and business community, as well as building connections and offering technical support, consultancy, coaching, training, testing and certification on FIWARE technologies. 

What’s in it for you? By becoming an iHub you will play an essential role in the global expansion of FIWARE. You will be a valued member of the Community and your activities will be distinguished by the FIWARE brand and backed by the FIWARE Foundation. For more information regarding the MANY advantages; which include support, the connection with ‘Powered by FIWARE’ Acceleration Programmes, and the ability to establish partnerships and develop joint activities at local level, check out our Open Call page! 

You have until November 24th 2017 to apply. The official list of FIWARE iHubs will be presented during the FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga. 

Download the Guide for Applicants and APPLY NOW to become a FIWARE iHub!


Help NYC and Barcelona Enhance Mobility for the Low Vision Community

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Oct 262017


New York City and Barcelona have joined forces to launch a joint call for innovative solutions, challenging YOU, the global technology community, to improve safety at intersections for blind and low-vision pedestrians.


Whether it's a smartphone application, a wearable device, or another technology solution that can help citizens with vision loss; if you can think of creative, innovative ways to leverage personal devices, location-aware technologies, and data sources ranging from NYC Open Data and Barcelona Open Data to signal timings, then this challenge will be right up your alley.


Interested? APPLY NOW and submit your applications before November 2, 2017 to get involved and to work towards ‘a city for all’. This could be a great opportunity for you to gain visibility and to show the strength of your projects, as well as FIWARE tech, when applied to mobility, accessibility and inclusion in Smart Cities. Winners will be eligible for funding from the selecting city to pilot their solution.

IMPACT Growth infodays in Sevilla and Malaga

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Apr 032017

Launched on February 27 at 4YFN Barcelona, IMPACT Growth is the new acceleration programme developed by IMPACT international accelerator, focusing on four verticals: Smart Infrastructure & Cities, Smart Content, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart AgriFood. The program is powered by FIWARE and by led by FundingBox, ISDI and Accelerace.

In the first stages of the program, the accelerator will start financing 28 startups with €100,000 and they will be able to achieve up to €250,000 funding, equity free. IMPACT Growth will distribute a total fund of €3.6 million, among startups from all over the world in the growth phase, plus raising further capital from private investors and funds, already focused on scalability and international growth. The final aim is identifying four European super-startups.

After 4 weeks on the programme, almost 500 applications has been started, with more than 20 completed and already submitted. Most of the applications have come from Spain (44%), with noted interest also from Italian startups (21%), and with Poland (5%), UK and Denmark (4%) as the next top countries.


To support this submission process and to help the applicants to make the most of their projects’ presentations, IMPACT is organising a series of events where the participating teams will be able to get together with the experts and mentors from ISDI, Accelerace and FundingBox, and to meet other teams and succesful use cases from the previous acceleration programme.
These info sessions will provide the new applicants with valuable information, best practices examples, direct guidance and inspiration.


This week, two events will take place in Andalucia (Spain), taking advantage of the FIWARE Zone facilities, both in Sevilla and Malaga.

Remeber that, as IMPACT Growth expresses it, FIWARE is the market-ready software that is driving key standards for IoT-enabled smart solutions, following best practices of open source communities. ‘Powered by FIWARE’ and ‘FIWARE-ready’ labels will help to gain visibility, build partnerships and reach the market.

Let’s seize this opportunity to work with an innovative, mature technology while you get support and funding to scale-up your business. Come to the IMPACT Growth Info Days, apply and succed!

#myFIWAREstory – FABulous, collaborative manufacturing & the 3D printing revolution

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Jun 172016

ICT universalization has indeed enriched our world. Also, new technologies, shared information and electronic communications have bred new challenges. In most of the industries, the overall product complexity is increasing, bringing certain kinds of obstacles to the fabrication that big companies are not the best suited to be overcoming and resolving accurately.
Manufacturers must now attend highly customizable product configurations and their customers will often be demanding production in such small quantities that will be requiring the complete optimization of the process. A better planning and a flexible interaction between processes are required and collaborative manufacturing is providing a solution for such needs.

By analyzing the product mix to understand its impact on the overall production, companies can optimize fabrication, reduce costs and provide a better experience for their customers. The 3D printing technology is enabling this way of manufacturing. It is allowing much better logistics by distributing the production centers smartly and by incorporating the applications that facilitate the establishment of direct contact with the customers, printing exactly what they need, close to their location. This enables the creation of a “more sustainable world, where there is less waste and less things that are produced for no reason” –following the vision expressed by Jeremie Brabet, from Pzartech.

3D printing digital services and solutions are providing added value to a wide range of businesses, from retailers to the health sector. They are giving back to the people the means of production and providing them with the tools they need to get their products finalized, starting with a draft design and ending with the assembly and even the resources to commercialize it. As Max Gubbins, from 3D Kumo puts it, 3D printing is democratizing a way of production that was typically very expensive. “Especially in our industry, we’re working with clients that would have never dreamt of getting into manufacturing” –explains Gubbins– “now, with the advent of 3D printing and the rapid drop in prices that we have seen in the last five years, suddenly this is an achievable and realistic dream: to produce and sell products and more importantly, to make profit from it”.

These technologies have moved from a first stage where the main use was to help the fast creation of product prototypes. Now, it’s entirely possible to complete the whole manufacturing process using 3D printing. FABulous is easing the development of digital solutions and applications for this new “mass customization” era. It encourages the creation of innovative networked collaborative manufacturing services powered by FIWARE, and the provision of direct 3D printing services to consumers and industry that take advantage of the Open Source platform capabilities.

“3D printing is nowadays an enabling technology that is very promising” –says Francisco Bujan, from the FABulous accelerator–“the European, Asian and American markets are ready to receive it. A platform like FIWARE is ready to create value and to push this new way of manufacturing in the future”.
FABulous has successfully empowered the development of this new market by providing coaching, mentoring, direct funding and investment opportunities to SMEs and entrepreneurs. 90 startups were selected through the two previous open calls and are already supported by the accelerator, working on services and products for the consumer and industrial markets.
Now, a new open call is on until the end of June 2016! So, if you are interested in joining the 3D printing and collaborative manufacturing business innovation activities, this could be your chance!

To learn more about FABulous, about collaborative manufacturing and 3D printing powered by FIWARE, watch the video and check out now the whole story.

This is our story, which is yours?

FI-ADOPT: Enhancing Education, Heath & Social Integration through Technology

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May 192016

Among the A16 Accelerator Programme that has been promoting the adoption of the FIWARE technical resources and assets, FI-ADOPT has distinguished its activity by focusing on certain areas where the development and impact of present and future solutions and digital services will be deeply determined by the integration of Open Source technologies: establishing and supporting continuous corporate and citizen’s learning and training; promoting and facilitating healthy behavioral dynamics and wellbeing shaping among the society and finally easing social and cultural integration.

We already know that FIWARE is not only about using the technology, but also about the creation of a community. During the FI-ADOPT acceleration period, the focus sustained by the accelerator was in learning and training and within a social impact scope. It linked the use of the technology with the employment of the richest media available, boundless networking and the utilization of portability and gaming principles to the developed apps, to easily appeal and engage the users and customers.

After three open calls, FI-ADOPT is now approaching the end of its lifecycle as an A16 accelerator. Recently, Theodore Zahariadis – Synelixis Solutions co-founder and Member of the FI-ADOPT consortium, shared some of the outcomes resulting from the almost completed process; some statistics related to the created impact provided by the direct feedback of the accelerated SMEs or just made public by them. Outcomes and figures that are, in fact, quite impressive:

• By January 2015, at the beginning of the acceleration phase, the income from activities related to FI-ADOPT of the top-15 companies accounted for a global sum of 104.000€. Towards the end of the acceleration and excluding any direct funding from the accelerator, the income from activities related to FI-ADOPT reached 1.780.000€ by April 2016. That is an increase of a 1700% in 15 months. By the end of this year, the estimation is that, for each 1€ spent by FI-ADOPT, additionally 1.5€ to 1.7€ will be created.

• The number of jobs in activities related to FI-ADOPT in the top-15 companies at the beginning of the acceleration was 24. By the end of the acceleration it was 62. That is an increase in jobs of over a 258% in just 15 months. Projections for the end of 2016 indicate around 80-85 full-time employees in these 15 companies alone.

• In the top-15 FI-ADOPT companies, income per employee has significantly increased from an average of 4,334€/emp. to 28,710€/emp, providing a solid foundation for the already created jobs to sustain well after the end of FI-ADOPT.

• Regarding the B2C market, the top-5 FI-ADOPT companies started with 22.300 registered users. Now, they have already exceeded 950.000 users, from which more than 420.000 are involved in activities directly related to FI-ADOPT.

• And about the B2B market, five companies are already offering their FI-ADOPT related products on the market, and have been raising their paying customers’ customer base from only 2 paying customers at the beginning of the acceleration to 263 now.

• At this moment, three of the groups of individuals, who submitted a proposal, were converted to startup companies. The creation of SMEs through the enlargement of previously solo projects have already reached Italy –Seides s.r.l. supporting the Foodways market-place and community–, Poland –Memo24­– and Israel –noviQr–.

• Five FI-ADOPT supported companies have already received 550K€ from additional private funding. Two of them have been partially acquired –the amount has not been disclosed– and two additional companies are in the process of raising funding from Venture Capitals.

• In addition, three companies have received 377K€ from additional public funding and three companies will submit proposals in June 2016 requesting in total 1.44M€ additional funds.

Given the social reach intended by the projects under this accelerator –most of the FI-ADOPT business models are based on free users’ access­– let’s have a further look at the three companies with more registered users.

  • Leverade claims to be the best app to organize sport leagues and championships, providing an online competition manager that allows anyone to create a tournament in a matter of minutes. It’s aimed at professional federations and associations, councils that want to manage their entire sport services, amateur players who want to organize a private league or sport facilities which want to make the most of their capacities. It has achieved a remarkable success thanks to its simplicity and wholeness: it can take up to 60% less time to manage a league using Leverade, and it allows communication with hundreds of thousands of people in a competition with a single click, thus turning a competition into an active and cohesive community.​
  • GoSpeaky started in the tiny, but strongly multilingual and multicultural Belgium. Stating how difficult is to get a job there and make it till the end of your studies if you don’t have a certain level in a foreign language, the founding team  detected that often a certificated level differed from the language proficiency achieved by a student. It is by contacting with native speakers –and by discovering new cultures– how that student would finally start speaking fluently. If schools don’t teach a language in the effective way that native speakers do, why shouldn’t that be acknowledged and used in the best interest of billions of people around the world? The most recent technologies have enabled this project to rapidly establish a growing language exchange community. After a modest start and through the support of the Acceleration Programme, GoSpeaky is now becoming a global brand and a worldwide community of hundreds of thousands of language learners.
  • Documenta Creaciones Multimedia Avanzadas propose a revolutionary concept: to accompany the learning process with the development of a digital  portfolio for each student, a livelong e-portfolio that will be the basis around which a creative and audiovisual ecosystem will be unfolding. This organized ecosystem will be following each student from Primary to University, offering new communication possibilities and collaborative tools, and also engaging teachers and schools. MyDocumenta is preparing its breakthrough with the starting point of the next school year in mind: September 2016 will be the launch point of the new Portability App, presented as “the new platform to create your content and edutainment”, meaning the merge of the already structured in-school educational path, with the use of ICT technologies to support that process from within a game/reward perspective.

Those three projects sum to more than 870.000 users in total –at least 392.000 users directly related to FI-ADOPT activities. To them, and to all the SMEs, startups, developers and entrepreneurs that have joined the FIWARE community as part of the FI-ADOPT acceleration engine, we wish the best of luck and, as part of our ecosystem, we will be happy to keep sharing their success stories.

#myFIWAREstory – SOUL-FI and the FIWARE Accelerator Programme

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Apr 182016

Going through the whole acceleration process, and getting to the market on time “has been a challenge that they have grabbed. They did it! And now they are looking forward to the next one”- That’s how Nuno Varandas –EU Project Manager of SOUL-FI– sums up his experience, meeting the entrepreneurs and managing the start-ups and their projects.

Part of the network of 16 accelerators within the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, SOUL-FI has been the one with more SMEs at its charge, being a driving force in different fields around the Smart City focus.
Intelligent mobility and parking, open government and citizen participation, connected healthcare and security, city management and urban smart grids, shopping and tourism, as well as cross-sector solutions, are different areas that belong to the Smart City vertical.

It is time to meet some of the SOUL-FI startups, the products and solutions, and their own experiences as part of the FIWARE Community and within the European network of accelerators. Launched on September 2014, last Open Calls and recent closing events are now marking the timing around the FIWARE Accelerator Programme. For more than a year now, the Programme has been playing a pivotal role in the growth of the FIWARE ecosystem.

Varandas explains the whole process from their side: how they started and how they have been supporting the SMEs through tutoring, mentoring and providing them with funding opportunities, easing both the technical and business side of their projects. And how proud they feel, seeing to what degree the passion and hard work of a team can develop a simple and innovative idea into a product ready to succeed commercially.

“Not only startups benefit from FIWARE. Personally I started a new career path” –Nuno candidly told us, expanding more recently on his personal experience– “Working with and supporting entrepreneurs and startups is my life today. It feels good when you see the first products from "our" companies entering in the market, getting further funding… growing! It has been a long but enjoyable journey for them… and for me!

This is our story, which is yours?

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme keeps working hand-in-hand with startups

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Jun 232015

Some of our latest (and greatest) news, such as new cities joining the Open & Agile Smart Cities Initiative or our participation in the Global City Teams Challenge in Washington D.C., have made us forget a little about the FIWARE Accelerator Programme! However, our acceleration programme keeps helping new projects and offering great opportunities for emerging startups. In their first open calls, the 16 FIWARE accelerators already gathered about 300 business projects and, after their first experiences, they recently opened a second round for new businesses. Would you like to know which accelerators are still receiving proposals?

If you are considering to submit your project to one of the accelerators, you may like to know that both INCENSe and FI-C3 are still open to proposals. INCENSe is aiming to foster the use of high technology in the field of energy, especially focusing on clean technology. Are you interested? You still have three months to submit your business project (until September 2015). As for FI-C3, you would only have ONE week, as its open call closes on the 30th of June 2015. FI-C3 is selecting project which are related to the fields of Smart Cities, Media & Contents and Care & Well-being.

Anyway, if you need more time to prepare your proposal, some other accelerators have not opened their second calls yet (and a third round will also be opened soon). This is the case of CEED Tech (from July to October 2015), SOUL-FI (Round B – until August 2015) or CreatiFI (from August 2015 to September 2015). As for those accelerators that already closed their second call, the results seem to be quite good. Let’s take the example of FINODEX, which received a total amount of 297 proposals (a 71.7 % of which coming from SMEs and a 28.9 %, from entrepreneurs).

Great ideas to increase the IMPACT

IMPACTFollowing the success of its first phase of acceleration, IMPACT has launched an initiative called #ShareToIMPACT, which is aiming to show the gratitude of those projects that were selected and accelerated. "This initiative starts this Tuesday, June 23rd and it aims at thanking the community, the European Union and FIWARE programme for the strong support they have given to IMPACTers, by believing in them and helping them develop their projects", IMPACT states. The best part? YOU CAN PARTICIPATE! The 19 selected startups are offering 260 gifts (for a value of 90,000 €) for anyone who may want to participate. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? If you want to participate, you only need to click on the link on IMPACT’s webpage and then, answer some questions. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll have finished the questionnaire and will get to know all of the great projects that IMPACT is accelerating.

POST UPDATE! – EuropeanPioneers Infographic

Following the success of the FIWARE Open Calls, some accelerators are already sharing their figures with us. Let's take the example of EuropeanPioneers, which has received a total amount of 661 applications!