Powered by FIWARE at #4YFN17 & #MWC17

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Feb 232017

As we anticipated in the previous post, FIWARE will be joining IMPACT Growth at the 4YFN stand, with seven powered by FIWARE projects presenting their solutions. The team members from those companies will be participating in the different roundtables taking place at the stand, addressing subjects like ‘How to build innovative apps based on IoT and BigData’ and ‘How to reach your target customers and partners through the FIWARE marketplace’.

“Internet of Things and Smart Applications technologies with the capacity for integration of multiple data sources, interoperability and scalable provisioning, are just the basis of any innovative solution”. Antonio Jara, CEO of HOPU Ubiquitous, says that for companies like his, which was part of the FIWARE Acceleration Programme and is now scaling up and developing new projects, now is the time to focus on the business itself, letting FIWARE take care of the rest: “it can really support to simplify your business development through the integration of multiple IoT technologies, a portfolio of IoT devices ready to be used and de facto standards, that guarantee your introduction into a global ecosystem in key domains such as Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and AgriFood”.

barcelonaThe companies that will join us at the 4YFN will be:

  • Outbarriers will present how their initial app, designed to help blind people to move safely around the city, has found another line of development, focusing on smart tourism, offering a service that uses context-aware technology to present automated information to the person using it and guiding him or her through the city, highlighting  shops and promotions.
  • Stepla’s IoT-ready collar for cattle caring, created by SensoWave, will be showcased at the event. Also the new monitoring platform for livestock cattle will be presented: Digitanimal. The platform lets you know where the animals are all times, while detects possible abnormalities based on the activity and behaviour of each animal.
  • HOPU Ubiquitous will demonstrate Siidi: Seeding your city, a platform for citizen engagement and co-creation. The co-creation service is possible thanks to Smart POIs technology that makes the interaction easy and agile. Already launched in Aarhus (Denmark), with Siidi the citizens will be able to collaborate in the development and maintenance of their city
  • Babbler is a “smart seal” and end-to-end monitoring system for supply chains, benefiting shippers, carriers and customs, detecting and solving possible incidents, reducing paperwork and liabilities, easing security inspections, reinforcing in the transportation process and the commercial relationship between the far-off actors involved in an international shipment.
  • Insylo remote monitoring system of silos for the livestock farming, offering an automated and secure way to control the amount of feed available, while optimizing the delivery routes and production plans for feed suppliers, reducing up to a 25% the logistics costs and CO2 emissions of the replenishment process and. In Europe only, the sector can save +2B€ each year.
  • Secmotic are part of the IoT-Ready among other power by FIWARE programmes: they are in the Bounty Programme hall of fame and have organized their first hackaton at the FIWARE Zone in Sevilla. The have been implementing the technology for other companies developments, using FIWARE GEs to build web platforms that are capables of IoT real-time connection, monitoring and interaction.
  • Everimpact, cities' climate and pollution monitoring, showcasing a real-time 3D map of CO2 emissions of the city of Nantes (France). Everimpact is partnering with Networks of Cities, Space Agencies and International Organisations, to advance in climate monitoring in order to achieve a consistent reduction of CO2 emissions.

The FIWARE Foundation will be there too, represented by its CEO, Ulrich Ahle, who will be participating in the panel ‘The smart manufacturing vision and examples of steps towards its realization’, organised by MADE.

Following Jara, “as entrepreneurs, we should focus on make the best out of our idea, demonstrating how we are able to satisfy the need that we have identified, designing an innovative application, carrying out a strong communication and sales strategy, finding investors, customers and making it works as soon as possible in the market. For all the rest: technical issues, data integration, devices and sensors… just let FIWARE take care! It is time for IoT entrepreneurs to focus just on their business development”.

action point 2 facebookAiming to fund, assist and promote more powered by FIWARE projects, IMPACT Growth will be announcing the new acceleration program at the F4FN event: selected startups will get up to €250,000 equity free, plus training and support from top level partners, while enjoying the benefits of joining the FIWARE ecosystem.
Check out the IMPACT Growth agenda for the event and don’t forget to sign up and start receiving the IMPACT Growth newsletter now. Be the first to learn about this announcement!

As you know, FY4N is part of an (even) bigger event! If you are staying in Barcelona the whole week and visiting the Mobile World Congress 2017, do not miss the powered by FIWARE IoT Big Data demonstrations at the Innovation City, Hall 4 Stand 4A30: following the work that the GSMA is doing on this area, two showcases will be demonstrating its practical application within IoT applications and services.

Telefónica and Everimpact will be presenting an environmental monitoring system, showing how CO2 emission data is collected from ground sensors and satellites in the cities of SantanderMálaga and Nantes, before being analysed. During 2015, Telefónica started working with the GSMA in the development of an IoT Big Data Ecosystemdeploying and using harmonised data models, exposed through FIWARE NGSIv2.

Orange will be demonstrating how it can deliver harmonised public transport, weather station and air quality data streaming based on heterogenous and anonymised open data sources, coming from India and France.

If you are in Barcelona next week, attending these great events, do not forget to stop by our shared stand and demos. Join the conversation online using #MWV17, #4YFN17 and #FIWARE.
See you there!

IMPACT Growth Global Accelerator, about to kick off at 4YFN

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Feb 172017

In his recent open letter to the startup community, Sebastian Muller, IMPACT Acceleration Director (ISDI), told us about the new team he is leading: IMPACT Growth. We had the chance to first meet this new project at the FIWARE Summit: after the closing of our previous programme, a new round of acceleration was announced, with two spin-off projects –the other would be frontierCities 2– that aim to drive powered by FIWARE startups even further.

This week, we had the chance to know more about IMPACT Growth first open call:

“IMPACT Growth is going to tell the world about the new equity free acceleration program. Selected startups will get at least €100,000 equity free, and training and support from IMPACT Growth’s partners, as well as enjoying the benefits of joining the FIWARE ecosystem.

More details are under wraps until the big day, but we can tell you that an unprecedented team has come together, uniting VCs, global corps and accelerators from around the world.

All the details will be announced on February 27 in Barcelona at 4YFN, the world’s largest mobile event. Check out our agenda for the event here. Join us there and be among the very first to learn about this exciting new project.”

impact facebook (1)The message and challenge that IMPACT Growth is addressing should be attracting startups, with a global reach. “Our mission is to create the best accelerator program for startups from all over Europe and the world”, expresses Nacho de Pinedo, CEO of ISDI. Continuous work is granted, under a single, strong principle that will lead this new venture to an even greater success: everything that IMPAC Growth do, must be done to benefit the startups.

“We’re bringing together a widespread, generous community of digital business and experts. Working together, we all win”, concludes de Pinedo. To achieve this goal, IMPACT Growth will be combining the forces of a diverse team of acceleration, corporate and venture capitals, like Funding Box, ISDI, Accelerace, Mobile World Capital, Invesdor, Kibo Ventures, MADE, Danone, DOCOMO Digital, Ferrovial, ISDI Mexico and the FIWARE Foundation.

FIWARE will be joining IMPACT Growth at the 4YFN stand, with seven powered by FIWARE companies presenting their solutions. Come and meet us there!

Next week, another post will be published, with more details about our presence at the event in Barcelona.

Check out the IMPACT Growth agenda for the event:

Sign up for the IMPACT Growth newsletter now, and be the first to learn about this announcement:

ETSI launches new Group on Context Information Management: the role of FIWARE

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Jan 132017

ETSIthe European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has announced the creation of a new Industry Specification Group on cross-sector Context Information Management (ISG CIM) for IoT-enabled Smart Cities and also other verticals including Smart Industry and Smart Agriculture.

The group will focus its activities on developing the specifications for a common Context Information Management (CIM) API, Data Publication platforms and standard Data Models, in order to achieve and improve cross-sector interoperalibilty for smart applications, with FIWARE NGSI as starting point. This blogpost offers further information on the role of FIWARE within the works of this new group.

As CIM API, the abstract NGSI 9 and 10 interface specifications from OMA will be the starting point, with a RESTful binding for the protocol based on the FIWARE NGSIv2 API developed under the FIWARE initiative. Specifications of this binding are expected to evolve in order to bring support to Linked Data using JSON-LD for representing the semantics of context information and their interrelationships.

As the press release by ETSI states, “Data without context are meaningless. Every sensor measurement, every entry in a database, every tweet sent and every webcam video watched has its own context.” Information will not be really useful without its own context; a context that should be published and made available with the data. The ISG CIM will specify open standards for the context information management layer that accesses and updates information coming from different sources (IoT networks and information systems) thus enabling to implement a context-aware behaviour for smart applications and extending its interoperability.

“With the rapid development of technologies such as Big Data, semantic web, complex workflow or autonomous decision making, the need for interoperable context information is becoming huge”, says Lindsay Frost, convenor of ETSI ISG CIM.

Lindsay Frost explains how the newly launched group will aid to overcome this problem: “The ISG CIM will specify protocols running ‘on top’ of IoT platforms and allowing exchange of data together with its context, this includes what is described by the data, what was measured, when, where, by what, the time of validity, ownership, and others. That will dramatically extend the interoperability of applications, helping smart cities to integrate their existing services and enable new third-party services.”

These will be the topics addressed by ISG CIM in order to ensure interoperability of independent SW implementations, including Open Source implementations,

  • Definition of a standard API for Context Information Management, enabling close to real-time update and access to information coming from many different sources (not only IoT). Such an API will enable applications to perform updates on context, register context providers which can be queried to get updates on context, query information on current and historic context information and subscribe for receiving notifications on context changes.
  • Specifications to be fulfilled by Data Publication Platforms supporting open data publication, data privacy and/or authorization of access, including enablers for multi-party access contracts will be considered.
  • Cross-domain Context Information Models that will deal with the definition of the models that are common to several of the domains being targeted, together with the meta models, definition languages and processes needed for the specification, curation, publication and evolution of Context Information Models will be defined and applied.
  • Smart Cities Information Models, where the specific models for the Smart Cities domain will be defined.
  • Information Models targeting other specific domains besides Smart Cities (for example but not limited to Smart Agrifood, Smart Industry) will also be considered.

The starting members of the new Industry Specification Group (ISG) are Easy Global Market, IMEC, NEC, Orange and Telefonica. ETSI has initiated this new group together with the organisation Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC). Soon, the FIWARE Foundation will also join the ISG as new ETSI member.  Beyond the initial focus of Smart Cities, the cross-sector approach will be transferable to applications developed for other vertical domains, such as Smart Agriculture and Smart Industry. With the goal of interoperate and to re-use as much existing work and knowledge as possible, the group will work closely with the ETSI SmartM2M technical committee and with oneM2M, the global standards initiative for M2M and the IoT (Internet of Things) of which ETSI is a founding member.

The ISG CIM work responds to the EU’s rolling plan on ICT standardisation which is part of its Digital Single Market strategy.
The creation of this group leverages promising results of the collaboration between FIWARE and other relevant actors such as TM Forum or GSMA.

The first meeting of the ISG CIM is planned to take place at the ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis, France, on 9-10 February 2017. Regarding FIWARE, by July 2017, a preliminary version of the CIM API is expected. The final version of its specifications will be developed by November 2017. And, by September 2017, the first version of the standard Data Models would be available, thanks to the previous work in projects like CitySDK, or the joining effort of FIWARE and a group of OASC cities in collaboration with GSMA, regarding the definition of harmonized Data Models. This partnership has produced a first batch of Data Models that are fully compatible with NGSI.

Participation in the cross-sector group is open to all ETSI members as well as organizations who are not members, subject to signing ISG Agreements. For information on how to participate please contact
The full list of members and participants in ISG CIM is available at:


FIWARE at the MWC 2016: championing technology, empowering the community

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Feb 262016
A sign reading 'Mobile World Congress' is pictured a day before the opening of the 3GSM World congress in Barcelona, on February 14, 2010. The 2010 Mobile World Congress will be held 15-18 February, in Barcelona. AFP PHOTO/JOSEP LAGO (Photo credit should read JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images)

A great–if not the greatest- part of our daily actions, already involve the use of mobile technologies. Surrounded by sensors and context-aware devices connected to the Internet, we are able to use our smartphones to secure our houses, check our health and make purchases without carrying money. We can even track a cow which is separated from the rest of the cattle, if livestock is the business in which we are smart-managing.
The Mobile World Congress has become an essential place to present the Internet of Things novelties and for the IoT and Data Industry advancements to be set in motion. For FIWARE, the MWC 2016 has been exciting and fruitful, gathering entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, innovators and their targeted users, and attending a ceremony will remain as a milestone for our platform and the evolution of our ecosystem.

20160223_102942 (1)As we announced in a previous post, FIWARE technology has been present and playing a key role in the SmartAgri demonstrations.
Three products powered by FIWARE were showcased at the GSMA Innovation City. And the three made evident to which extent IoT is boosting the smart agricultural industry: installing Insylo allows one to remotely handle livestock nourishment, based on the 3D level monitoring of feed silos; Agricolus crop management system merges data collection and dissemination to prevent and stop pests; Stepla solution helps to locate farm animals and remotely monitor their health. The three are based in context-awareness and they involve the placement of sensors that can even convert a regular cow into a smart one.

FIWARE was also present as a part of the SmartCity exhibition, where HERE application showcase displayed a virtual GPS-guided drive. The GPS map being enriched with contextual data, generated and shared in real-time by four smart cities from three different countries. This app has been developed by Ubiwhere and Wellness Telecom, the University of Cantabria and Telefonica I+D, as well as HERE Maps.
Although different cities may own different systems for managing information, if the cities are exporting the relevant data in a common way, the diverse systems will be “speaking” the same language, and the data could be shared in the same platform.
The SmartCity demo also demonstrated how data provided by different partners can be consumed and monetized within one open marketplace. TM Forum Ecosystem’s APIs enable such implementation. Those APIs are developed as a part of the collaborative framework with FIWARE that was announced a few months ago.

IMG_0075Another buzz was on about the platform: an important declaration was planned in order to be made at the Mobile World Congress this year. One waited with great anticipation and that may impel a profound movement within the whole ecosystem. After the MWC 2016, FIWARE has changed for good.
On the European Commission pavilion, Günther H. Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, made the announcement: the Core Idustry Group, with the welcoming support of the European Commission, was launching the FIWARE Foundation.

In brief, the FIWARE Foundation joins in to remain as an independent, small and agile body within the FIWARE ecosystem. It will provide the other actors with its shared resources and the expertise of its members, aiming to empower FIWARE Technologies and the Open Community, and to pursue the accomplishment of the FIWARE Mission: to build an open sustainable ecosystem around open-source, IoT-enabled, smart services platform standards.
FIWARE is now being adopted globally, as those standards are very much needed for the Industry 4.0 worldwide, and for the global Digitising revolution that is already happening. The FIWARE Foundation is here also to push that process of standardization.

As the European Commission has put it; the Foundation will ensure the long-term availability of FIWARE for users, for free and forever in the future. It will also ensure that FIWARE stays at the forefront of the technological trends.
Oettinger also emphasized how the Foundation should not be a closed shop: it is in fact open for new members to enroll, at its due time. More key players are expected to join in at the Founders Forum in Vienna, in May.

Representatives of Telefonica, Orange, Engineering and ATOS –the four actual members of the FIWARE Foundation- were present at the event. After the launch ceremony, we had the chance to talk with two of them: Hubert Tardieu –Personal Advisor to ATOS CEO Thierry Breton- and Pierre Louette –CEO Delegate General Secretariat of Orange-.

Tardieu told us about how his company has insisted on the coming technical decisions being deployed according with the specific business objectives of the FIWARE community, to ensure the future development of the platform; and in what manner openness and meritocracy will continue to guide that path: “there will be a Board and a Technical Committee. Every new member of the FIWARE Foundation –user or Industry member- could be eligible to be part of them”.
Both Louette and Tardieu envisioned the launching of the FIWARE Foundation as the necessary next step to push FIWARE as a technical standard for Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood and beyond, and as a useful platform that can produce disruptive, effective and profitable solutions for our future. The FIWARE Foundation comes to accelerate “a Cloud-based platform –in Louette words- with a lot of services around. An Open innovation platform with open APIs”.

A new key part of the Community has arrived to grant a better future for the whole FIWARE ecosystem. Let’s welcome the FIWARE Foundation.

FIWARE Startups Showcase IoT, Agribusiness and Smart City Opportunities at MWC This Week

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Feb 222016
índice fiware mobile

Startups using FIWARE to build the next generation of IoT-enabled smart applications and services are on showcase this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Insylo, Sensowave, Agricolus and HERE are all showcasing their solutions that use the FIWARE open API platform, while partners TM Forum will be demonstrating the TMForum/FIWARE Business Framework.

Mobile World Congress is the world’s premier mobile event, but is increasingly becoming a key launching pad for Internet of Things and data industry activities, as well, as all are enabled on the infrastructure that has made mobile flourish.

Mobile World Congress organiser, GSMA, is redefining what mobile means with its Innovation City exhibition.

“The GSMA Innovation City will showcase the very latest in cutting-edge, Operator-led IoT solutions,” said Graham Trickey, Head of Connected Living Programme, at GSMA. “Mobile operators deliver value beyond basic connection by offering high quality service management, responsive customer service, end to end service security, billing & charging and big data solutions, enabling them to be the most valuable ecosystem business partners.”

Three smart agriculture startups built on FIWARE will be demonstrating their capabilities in the GSMA Innovation City.

Insylo by Ubikwa Systems is a livestock feed monitor that uses sensors and data to enable the remote management of feed silos for farms. 3D levels of silos are measured and a realtime dashboard is provided to farmers to help improve efficient management of a key resource. Farmers can also use Insylo’s API to integrate the data into other farm management software. The solution is expected to reduce costs and carbon emissions by more effectively managing feedstock levels and distribution costs.

From tracking livestock feed to tracking livestock, FIWARE is being used as the key platform for agribusiness. Stepla is a solution created by Spanish startup Sensowave and helps track livestock in outdoor environments. Livestock sensor measurements can help locate animals at all times, as well as identify any potential health problems. The system brings in external data sources like weather alongside individual animal sensor measurements to provide realtime livestock farm management remotely.

Agricolus will also be exhibiting their new crop management systems which uses the FIWARE platform alongside ESRI mapping data services to allow farms to efficiently manage pesticide and fertiliser treatments of agriculture crops. It has already been adopted by the Umbria region in Italy to help with managing the olive fly pest risk that two years ago decimated an entire seasonal crop production across the region.

“This was a big problem the region had two years ago,” says Agricolus founder Andrea Cruciani. “The olive pest fly caused the loss of up to 90% of the harvest from olive trees. And the region was unprepared for how to manage this disease on large scale.” Cruciani says that they have created a suite of products including Oliwes, which measures olive pest risks, and then shares this data in realtime using Agricolus. “So we used Oliwes to collect all this information and then use Agricolus to spread this information to thousands of farmers across Umbria. The first trial started three-quarters into the season of the olives. Within one month, 300 farmers were registered with the program, and we are expecting up to 3000 to register this season. Now we will attempt to sell the Oliwes and Agricolus suite to other regions.”

Cruciani says that FIWARE has helped make the application production-ready and that since MWC is not an agribusiness conference, they will be using their positioning to build partnerships with potential distributors who can bring Agricolus to different countries. “What we are looking for at Mobile World Congress is people who can add value and who can become a distributor for our suite,” said Cruciani.

In addition, in the SmartCity arena, HERE will be demonstrating their car navigation technology powered by FIWARE. This service enriches GPS mapping data with real-time contextual data so that navigation recommendations can be guided by current traffic conditions and even help drivers locate a vacant car parking space at their destination. The project started in Porto in Portugal and using the FIWARE and Open and Agile Smart Cities approach, has been able to identify the core components of a data model that can be replicated across diverse cities. The app is now available in Santander and Sevilla in Spain, and has been confirmed for use in Amberes in Belgium, as well. App makers HERE have proven that a bottom-up, solution focused approach can scale across various cities when built on the FIWARE API platform.

The way that Agricolus is leveraging their presence at MWC, and the way that HERE is scaling up to make their application available across city locations both point to a new economic opportunity that FIWARE is creating, and that our partners TM Forum will be explaining at the Congress.

The TMF/FIWARE Business Framework enables the management and the monetisation of IoT, Agribusiness and smart city applications. At MWC, TMForum will be demonstrating how the TMF/FIWARE Business Framework can create a Smart City Marketplace. For example, another smart city startup might want to make use of some of HERE’s data inside their own app. They could go to the Smart City Marketplace and find relevant datasets, for example, fuel and repair garage data. The startup could then acquire one or both of the datasets, pay for access online, and start to channel that data in their own app.

Solutions based on TMForum Business Management APIs like this Smart City Marketplace being developed for FIWARE will create the foundation for data economy where different business models around data and services can emerge.

In addition to these FIWARE demonstrations, we will also be making a major announcement on Tuesday afternoon at Mobile World Congress. Watch our news release pages for more details.