Thank You For Coming to the FIWARE Tech Summit and See You in Porto!

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Dec 012017

On behalf of the FIWARE Foundation we'd like to thank EVERYONE who attended and contributed to the FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga for coming, and for showing their support. With the collaboration of Promálaga and the City Council, and the support of the Regional Government and initiatives already present at local and regional levels, FIWARE returned to where its first Summit took place.

Each Summit has been an opportunity to meet and greet people that are working with us, often from far away; to watch the Community expand and the Platform evolve. With a special focus on our developers, the recent Tech Summit has shown how the knowledge and the questions surrounding FIWARE Open Source components have gotten more and more insightful.

FACEBOOK_1200x630_FIWARE_dataConsidering that roughly a year ago a lot of the attendees received their first introduction to the technology, the recent gathering in Málaga has proved that FIWARE has come a long way. Today, it is being used to create smart apps, to manage data and city services, to start enhancing intelligent industrial and food production, and to connect to the IoT on a daily basis. Now, those novice developers are becoming the new masters, the tech experts that will continue sharing the message and improving the Platform, deploying new functionalities for and from it, positioning FIWARE as the driving force towards the interconnected, open future that it is designed to be.

Today, we can look back on a successful event: 2 days with 95 speakers and 21 exhibitors showcasing. Over the course of the 2-day event, the 415 attendees had the opportunity to attend 10 workshops and tech sessions, as well as 5 vertical tracks and interesting business sessions. We are growing, Summit after Summit, increasing attendance by more than 30%, and looking forward to presenting new collaborations, varied activities and their most interesting contents, whilst educating and entertaining at the same time.

The FIWARE Tech Summit hosted the 1st Spanish Industrial Data Space Meeting on behalf of the Industrial Data Space Association and Industria Conectada 4.0 initiative, as well as a special track dedicated to Smart Cities. Last but certainly not least, winners of the FIWARE Zone Challenge, the IMPACT Accelerator Startup Pitch Challenge, and the GCTC Challenge were announced! 

During the opening press conference, the City Mayor, D. Francisco de la Torre, announced the commitment between the FIWARE Foundation and the City of Málaga, to become the official headquarters of the FIWARE Tech Summit for the next 5 years. He pointed out how this event is proof of a mutual interest and support between the two parties. He also emphasized the importance of the technology and its innovative potential for urban development and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens, to overcome present and future societal and economic challenges. After that, the Mayor and the other public representatives at the press conference joined organizers and participants and visited the event, showing interest in the ‘Powered by FIWARE’ smart solutions present at the exhibition area.

The FIWARE Tech Summit may have come to an end but fear not, we already have our next event lined up for you! We therefore look forward to inviting you ALL to our next Summit in Porto, from 8-9 May, 2018.

Help NYC and Barcelona Enhance Mobility for the Low Vision Community

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Oct 262017


New York City and Barcelona have joined forces to launch a joint call for innovative solutions, challenging YOU, the global technology community, to improve safety at intersections for blind and low-vision pedestrians.


Whether it's a smartphone application, a wearable device, or another technology solution that can help citizens with vision loss; if you can think of creative, innovative ways to leverage personal devices, location-aware technologies, and data sources ranging from NYC Open Data and Barcelona Open Data to signal timings, then this challenge will be right up your alley.


Interested? APPLY NOW and submit your applications before November 2, 2017 to get involved and to work towards ‘a city for all’. This could be a great opportunity for you to gain visibility and to show the strength of your projects, as well as FIWARE tech, when applied to mobility, accessibility and inclusion in Smart Cities. Winners will be eligible for funding from the selecting city to pilot their solution.

Last Chance To Enter The FIWARE Global City Teams Challenge 2017

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Oct 182017

Are you looking for support to implement your idea, and do you believe in fostering cooperation and creating consolidated international Smart City communities?

Well then, you're in luck, because FIWARE Mundus has decided to EXTEND the deadlinefor participation in the FIWARE Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) until the end of this week! You now have until Sunday, October 22nd 23:59h (GMT+2) to get those applications in. Don't miss out!

Not sure what the FIWARE GCTC is all about? Allow us to break it down for you. The FIWARE GCTC 2017 aims to enable forward-looking partnerships between cities and communities in North America with organizations currently providing ‘Powered by FIWARE’ solutions in Europe. But wait, that isn't all: Your proposal could receive up to $US 28,000 to speed up a Smart City Pilot! 

APPLY NOW and get those applications in before it's too late! 


FIWARE at GCTC Expo 2017

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Sep 062017
2017-08-29 14.28.43

The FIWARE Community is thriving at global scale and one of the most significant footprints is the participation at the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) Expo (August 28-29, 2017 – Washington DC) led by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

GCTC enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists, and corporations from all over the world to form project teams to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the city and community environment. Since the program launch in September 2014, GCTC has recruited and incubated over 160 projects with participation from over 150 cities and 400 companies/organizations from around the world.

With the support of FIWARE Mundus, the 2017's Expo counted with the participation of the FIWARE Foundation as well as a numerous team of Powered by FIWARE companies (including Ubiwhere, TeamDev, Everimpact and HOPU) that had the opportunity to showcase their offers and achievements and engage with U.S. stakeholders.


To reinforce the commitment of FIWARE as an official partner of GCTC, Jose Gonzalez (FIWARE Mundus) announced during the Plenary Session the release of the FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017. An ambitious competition to achieve forward-looking partnerships between cities and communities in North America with organizations currently providing solutions based on FIWARE. 

What is expected? 

Teams will need to propose an agreed development plan with the candidate city, local government, or metropolitan area. This plan shall include technical issues, as well as the potential regulatory and administrative resources to be committed by the involved parties. Together, they should meet the technical know-how, the administrative drive and the resources to design, implement, field test and deploy an application that fulfils the objectives of this challenge.

Several cities already raised interest in starting Smart City pilot trials after seeing examples through SMEs presentations that are replicable and scalable at global scale.

The amount of the prize to support each of the awarded solutions shall be up to a maximum of 28,000 US Dollars (25,000 Euros). Submissions will be open until October 16, 2017, so you still have the chance to participate. Find out more information at:

Guest post by Jose Gonzalez (Interinnov / FIWARE Mundus)


FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017: cross-border cooperation USA – Europe

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Jul 132017

FIWARE is launching a new competition: the Global City Teams Challenge Pilot Trials Challenge 2017. Building upon the scope of NIST’s GCTC, the challenge aims to achieve cross-border cooperation in the deployment of groundbreaking solutions based on FIWARE technology.

The FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017 aims to drive the creation of Smart City pilot trials, designed to be replicable and scalable at a global scale, thus facilitating the creation of partnerships between urban communities in North America, with the companies that are actually providing ‘Powered by FIWARE’ solutions in Europe.

The challenge is open any project that includes at least one city/ community in North America (USA and Canada) and one Powered by FIWARE solution. Additional participation from a European city and/or from a North American organization would add value to the proposal.

PoweredByFiwareTeams will need to propose a development plan, agreed with the candidate city, local government, or metropolitan area. It must include technical issues and regulatory and administrative resources, to be committed by the involved parties. They should meet the technical know-how, the administrative drive and the resources need to design, to implement, to field-test and deploy an application that fulfils the objectives of this challenge.

Up to two trials will be selected in evaluation process. Each of the awarded solutions will receive a prize up to a maximum of 28,000 US Dollars (25,000 Euros), including the costs of the trips to North America and the budget to support the pilot deployment of the solutions.

Submissions will be open soon. Starting in July 2017, entrants will have until October 16th to submit a proposal for consideration. The winner will be announced in November 2017, at the 3rd FIWARE Summit in Málaga. The winners will have a common 6-month period to develop and field test their ideas in the respective cities, which may be presented in the GCTC Expo 2018.

Do you want to participate? Here you can download the PDF for details on submissions and evaluation criteria.


Stay tuned to our site and social media channels for more details.
If you need support finding a partner in Europe to fit the challenges of your community or city, please contact us at 

FIWARE Zone launches ‘Challenge IoT’

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Jul 032017

The Andalusian Regional Government, Telefónica and the FIWARE Zone are setting out new challenges based on FIWARE technology, in the areas of Smart Cities and Smart Agrifood.

The contest ‘Challenge IoT’ will find companies in Andalucia, that are developing technological solutions, aiming to solve real and present problems within different ‘smart’ verticals. 

Supported by FIWARE Zone, the challenge will distribute €140K for the development of two smart solutions. The deadline for this open call is on July 19th

The Department of Employment, Industry and Commerce of the Andalusian Regional Government, partnering with Telefónica, is launching this call. Companies from the region are invited to offer their solutions for real and present problems.
The challenges has been laid out by two departments of the Regional Government, that are part of this call as sponsors, and that will be part of the jury, choosing the best proposal.

The Environmental and Water Agency is searching for a solution to monitor the environmental parameters, leading to a better prevention of the forest fires, identifying high-risk areas and detecting possible negligence that could cause a fire.

The Department of Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development has set out the challenge of finding a system that allows to monitor and handle animals, using devices designed for the different types of cattle. The objectives of this challenge is to improve the management, production and animal health within the intensive and extensive farming domain. To achieve all this, system capable of relate animal and environmental data are needed.

The applications must include a document, describing the idea; a proposal of a pilot project, specifying the infrastructures and services needed for the project development; a chronogram of the process and a detailed economic valuation, including the estimated maintenance for the next two years.

Any startup, company, research center, university or legal entity can join this challenge, presenting a real solution that may answer the outlined needs, and that can develop it on the fixed period of time. To join the call, the applicants should fill the online form and send their proposal before July 19th.

fiware-zone-logo-section-04Functioning as local and regional meeting points for this call, Seville and Malaga have two innovation centers, specialized on our open source technology: FIWARE Zone is part of the initiative AndalucíaSmart, of the Regional Government, proposing a smart-region framework. Impulsed by the Department of Employment and Telefonica, the project supports and promotes the creation of service and applications using the FIWARE technology, in diverse areas, like cities, ports and smart logistics, Industry 4.0, smart agrifood and eHealth.

The next FIWARE Summit, that will take place in the city of Málaga, late November, will give visibility to the outcomes of this challenge and to other similar initiatives.

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FIWARE at the Campus Party Europe 4th edition in Utrecht

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May 202016

From May 25th to 29th, Utrecht will be gathering a Nobel Prize winner, a cyber-war expert, a hyperloop dreamer, a technology strategist for NASA and thousands of proud-to-be geeks, aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiastic start-uppers, focusing on Open Source innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment.

The 4th edition of Campus Party Europe, to be held in the Netherlands, will be full of unmissable talks, profitable workshops and absorbing challenges. In the spirit of this great technological experience, ever growing since 1997, having a look at the 5 days, a 24h non-stop agenda and trying to figure out a schedule for the week there could be like figuring out a complex puzzle. Although that would be some task that the Campuseros are well accustomed to facing and solving  in the best manner possible, here goes a useful list of not-to-be-missed highlights among the program and from the side of FIWARE:

On Thursday 26th, as part of the Workshops Digital Entertainment program, two workshops will be focusing on FIWARE technologies and assets:

  • Monetize your APIs or make them available as Open Data (11-12 AM). Focusing on the CKAN platform as part of the FIWARE architecture for open data, the workshop will delve into the CKAN extensions that allow the management of not only static historic data but real-time context information too. Also, the whole FIWARE Business API Ecosystem will be overviewed. The recent collaborative framework between TM Forum and FIWARE has empowered such use of the FIWARE technologies in order to produce, consume and monetize data.
  • Development of Context-Aware Applications with FIWARE (3-5 PM). Orion is an implementation of the FIWARE Context Broker and part of the GE catalog. Being Open Source and at any developer´s free disposal, it allows you to model, manage and gather context information at a large scale, easily enabling the development of context-aware applications. This workshop will emphasize the value of such tools in order to produce smart apps and will review its evolution (from implementing NGSI v1 API to the recent NGSI v2). A practical demonstration will be used to consume real-time data from the city of Utrecht.

Also on Thursday, all the Campus Party participants interested in joining the FIWARE open ecosystem and growing to profit by being a part of it, are invited to attend this talk at the Innovation Stage:

  • FIWARE. Open APIs for Open Minds (6-7PM), by José Manuel Cantera Fonseca –Web, Mobile and IoT Technologies specialist at Telefónica I+D–. This talk will present FIWARE as an open platform aimed at the creation of innovative digital applications and services and the APIs and backend infrastructure components it is providing to enable app developers to quickly and cost-effectively create new portable & interoperable solutions and context-aware applications. It will also address FIWARE as a growing and innovative community that is engaging entrepreneurs, developers, public entities and users from all around the world, not only within the Smart City focus, but also on the Industry, Agriculture and other business areas, as well as IoT and Big Data advancements.

On Friday 27th and as part of the Workshop Entrepreneurship program, another workshop around FIWARE will take place:

  • Intro to FIWARE Lab – Workshop (8-9 PM). Intended to be a starting point for developers around the possibilities brought by FIWARE enablers and the FIWARE Lab, this workshop will be particularly useful for the participants of Hackacity Utrecht & Amersfoort, but is also open to others. The Lab is the non-commercial environment where the research and development activities based on FIWARE technologies take place. Also, several cities are already connected to the FIWARE Lab in order to export and exploit their open data in this Cloud environment.

The Hackcity Utrecht Amersfoort is the other focal point from our side: challenges are often the best way to contact and establish a link between colleagues through team-working towards a common goal. The Campus Party employs challenges not only to link the teams, but also as a way to find solutions for large problems and building the future together. Hackacity is a hackathon that started in Porto on 2015. It is aimed to test Big Data provided by cities and municipalities and to promote its use to co-create solutions that will have an impact in the community.

Also on Friday 27th, starting from 6pm at the Creativity / Social Impact Stage, the Dutch version of the Hackacity will take place during the Campus Party this year. For 24 hours, participants will get together and using an Open Source platform as FIWARE is, they will be developing the solutions that the citizens are demanding. Utrecht Region and municipality of Amersfoort are joining Hackacity 2016 and are looking to solve specific challenges of their heavily populated station areas that are undergoing a transition to become an example for Healthy Urban Living. Therefore participants will be asked to develop a concept that uses reliable data from those sources, that make good use of the FIWARE enablers to solve specific challenges of the focus areas and that is also scalable to other situations.

Free Campusero tickets are available for people who will participate in the Hackacity event, including 5 days of unlimited access to the Campus Party, plus festival sleeping accommodation.
The best pitches resulting from the hackaton will have the chance to win expert technical and business advice, gain media exposure and also win prizes in cash!

banner home

If you are planning to attend the Campus Party Europe 2016, we encourage you to stop by the FIWARE booth (Hall 2, Stand 26). As a keepsake from this great event, we are preparing a little treat for the fellow Campuseros!

FIWARE presence at ICT Lisbon 2015

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Oct 292015

“Innovate, Connect, Transform”, that is the motto of ICT, the meeting point organized by the European Commission that, from the 20th to the 22nd of October, gathered projects, institutions and public-private partnerships, among many others, in Lisbon (Portugal). FIWARE attended that event with a stand that summarized the philosophy that has allowed us to be the support of so many stories, as the ones in CreatiFI or those of Smart Agrifood. This philosophy, as it was collected in our stand, is based on the concepts of innovation, openness, smartness, context-awareness, ecosystem and standardization.

In our stand, participants could not only find our new interactive map, in which you can see all the information about all the SMEs belonging to FIWARE, and also our iHubs or our accelerators. But apart from that, the team of Tobyrich also attended the event, where they showed their drones and planes, which could be controlled from your personal mobile phone. When the European Commissioner Günther Oettinger visited the stand, he was very impressed by these planes and how FIWARE had helped Tobyrich develop their project.

The Smart Urban Farming Challenge

During ICT 2015, the Smart Urban Farming Challenge took place. As we already said in a blog post more than a month ago, it was “one of the FIWARE accelerators (FRACTALS)” which “presented the Smart Urban Farming Challenge, encouraging web developers to create innovative services and solutions addressing the challenges in urban farming.”

This challenge distributed a total amount of 49,000 € among its winners, in a ceremony that took place at the end of ICT 2015. Do you want to learn more about its winners? Then have a look at what they said about FIWARE!

Third Prize – Vegs in Touch

Second Prize – Siibii

First Prize – Obergudt