FIWARE at the Big Data & Entrepreneurship Day in Alicante

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Jul 172017

Next July 20th, FIWARE will be present at the Big Data & Entrepreneurship Day, organised by the Telefónica Chair at the University of Alicante (Spain).

The Chair at the University is focused on studying and promoting the use and applications based on Big Data. On this one day event, the aim will be to open a discussion forum around a subject in which the University and the province of Alicante are starting to become national and international models.

The event will take place at the Assembly Hall, on the Building IV of the Higher Polytechnic School –Salón de Actos, Edificio IV, Escuela Politécnica Superior– of the University of Alicante.

The schedule of Big Data & Entrepreneurship Day offers a series of presentations around Big Data as the engine for starting entrepreneurial projects and making them scale-up. Experts from the University, from Telefónica and from other related projects will be pointing out the increasing value of the Data as a resource for companies and startups, looking forward the development of value-added, new products and services.
After presenting living pilots and commercial projects, applications and testimonies on the matter, an open round table will be the perfect chance to jointly reach conclusions and stablish common frameworks and roadmaps.

After presenting ODINE (European Open Data Incubator) project and share the latest advancements on image-recognition, FIWARE will be on the spotlight, showing how it is being used to manage and profit from Big Data on several entrepreneurial projects. The speaker and ambassador for FIWARE will be Antonio Jara from HOPU.

HOP Ubiquitous is specialized in IoT connectivity, IoT management and provisioning of consulting services to enable IoT-based solutions to our customers and partners. “Smart solutions designed for people” powered by FIWARE, and FIWARE-ready devices. Including a wide range of IoT products: Nodes (HOP own Chipsets), Edge Intelligence Hubs, Management Platforms and the provision of Integral Consultancy services. HOPU enables Smart devices with Internet of Things capabilities based in Internet connectivity and RESTFul Open APIs.

The last speak of the event will be about the smart-management of public water supplies, using Big Data – another subject where powered by FIWARE companies have been extensively working on.

To follow the process and get the main insights of the event, remember to follow @CatedraTEF_UA and FIWARE on Twitter. Share your thoughts using #EmprenderBigData.

FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017: cross-border cooperation USA – Europe

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Jul 132017

FIWARE is launching a new competition: the Global City Teams Challenge Pilot Trials Challenge 2017. Building upon the scope of NIST’s GCTC, the challenge aims to achieve cross-border cooperation in the deployment of groundbreaking solutions based on FIWARE technology.

The FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017 aims to drive the creation of Smart City pilot trials, designed to be replicable and scalable at a global scale, thus facilitating the creation of partnerships between urban communities in North America, with the companies that are actually providing ‘Powered by FIWARE’ solutions in Europe.

The challenge is open any project that includes at least one city/ community in North America (USA and Canada) and one Powered by FIWARE solution. Additional participation from a European city and/or from a North American organization would add value to the proposal.

PoweredByFiwareTeams will need to propose a development plan, agreed with the candidate city, local government, or metropolitan area. It must include technical issues and regulatory and administrative resources, to be committed by the involved parties. They should meet the technical know-how, the administrative drive and the resources need to design, to implement, to field-test and deploy an application that fulfils the objectives of this challenge.

Up to two trials will be selected in evaluation process. Each of the awarded solutions will receive a prize up to a maximum of 28,000 US Dollars (25,000 Euros), including the costs of the trips to North America and the budget to support the pilot deployment of the solutions.

Submissions will be open soon. Starting in July 2017, entrants will have until October 16th to submit a proposal for consideration. The winner will be announced in November 2017, at the 3rd FIWARE Summit in Málaga. The winners will have a common 6-month period to develop and field test their ideas in the respective cities, which may be presented in the GCTC Expo 2018.

Do you want to participate? Here you can download the PDF for details on submissions and evaluation criteria.


Stay tuned to our site and social media channels for more details.
If you need support finding a partner in Europe to fit the challenges of your community or city, please contact us at 

FIWARE Zone launches ‘Challenge IoT’

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Jul 032017

The Andalusian Regional Government, Telefónica and the FIWARE Zone are setting out new challenges based on FIWARE technology, in the areas of Smart Cities and Smart Agrifood.

The contest ‘Challenge IoT’ will find companies in Andalucia, that are developing technological solutions, aiming to solve real and present problems within different ‘smart’ verticals. 

Supported by FIWARE Zone, the challenge will distribute €140K for the development of two smart solutions. The deadline for this open call is on July 19th

The Department of Employment, Industry and Commerce of the Andalusian Regional Government, partnering with Telefónica, is launching this call. Companies from the region are invited to offer their solutions for real and present problems.
The challenges has been laid out by two departments of the Regional Government, that are part of this call as sponsors, and that will be part of the jury, choosing the best proposal.

The Environmental and Water Agency is searching for a solution to monitor the environmental parameters, leading to a better prevention of the forest fires, identifying high-risk areas and detecting possible negligence that could cause a fire.

The Department of Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development has set out the challenge of finding a system that allows to monitor and handle animals, using devices designed for the different types of cattle. The objectives of this challenge is to improve the management, production and animal health within the intensive and extensive farming domain. To achieve all this, system capable of relate animal and environmental data are needed.

The applications must include a document, describing the idea; a proposal of a pilot project, specifying the infrastructures and services needed for the project development; a chronogram of the process and a detailed economic valuation, including the estimated maintenance for the next two years.

Any startup, company, research center, university or legal entity can join this challenge, presenting a real solution that may answer the outlined needs, and that can develop it on the fixed period of time. To join the call, the applicants should fill the online form and send their proposal before July 19th.

fiware-zone-logo-section-04Functioning as local and regional meeting points for this call, Seville and Malaga have two innovation centers, specialized on our open source technology: FIWARE Zone is part of the initiative AndalucíaSmart, of the Regional Government, proposing a smart-region framework. Impulsed by the Department of Employment and Telefonica, the project supports and promotes the creation of service and applications using the FIWARE technology, in diverse areas, like cities, ports and smart logistics, Industry 4.0, smart agrifood and eHealth.

The next FIWARE Summit, that will take place in the city of Málaga, late November, will give visibility to the outcomes of this challenge and to other similar initiatives.

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FIWARE at the IoT World Europe 2017

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Jun 222017
19278 IoT Europe SPEX 400x400

We have been part of TechXLR8 and the London Tech Week. It has been great to receive such great interest at the IoT World Europe event, where we were present as Paltinum sponsor. Under the motto ‘Connect everything, smart and easy’, we have been presenting our part in solving one of the main challenges for the advancement of the IoT: to accomplish the seamless interoperability of “things” —where everything just connect… and start working together.

IMG-20170613-WA0021The Internet of Things represent a revolution towards economic growth and well-being. A positive disruption that needs to overcome the fragmentation of this nascent technological market, by achieving a standardised, open and secure framework that all IoT products and services can stand upon, functioning smoothly in everyday, real-life scenarios; sharing information and carrying on coordinated, intelligent operations across all of them.

The interest raised by FIWARE IoT vision, among IoT World Europe atendees would not have been possible without the eye-catching, powered by FIWARE smart solutions, running in real-time and presented by HOP Ubiquitous, Wellness Telecom, e3tcity and Ubiwhere.

Citibrain is a Portuguese consortium, specialised in creating smart solutions for global challenges. It was brought to London by Ubiwhere, part of it and the company that has been helping the city of Porto to pioneer the adoption of our open standards. FIWARE is used to access contextual environmental data, from fixed and mobile units located across Porto, creating a large, city-scale mobile scanner.
Citibrain is focused on growth initiatives around Future Internet and Smart Cities, keeping the global environment and urban lifestyle in mind, presenting solutions of smart parking, waste management, air quality measurement and traffic control and planning.

IMG-20170613-WA0018Smart POIs. HOP Ubiquitous has developed a new way of communicating: through Smart Points of Interaction (POIs), to engage users and increase urban sustainability. The aim is to provide an interaction point with citizens and visitor,s to obtain information about relevant places in conjunction with environmental monitoring, supporting tourism and gathering Open Data in conjunction with open FIWARE interfaces. The Smart POIs will be accessible when using public transport or visiting relevant points of interest. HOP Ubiquitous is developing a pilot deployment in Mexico City, and has already used these Smart Spots as a project of citizen co-creation, generating a platform which allows for projects validation and opening a suggestion box in Aarhus, Denmark.

Quamtra is a smart solution for waste management, based on real-time data. Developed by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions, it comprises the installation of its own FIWARE-ready sensors to monitor continuously the waste level within the containers in a city, easing the optimization of the routes for the waste collection, lowering the costs associated to this process. Quamtra is present already in 39 municipalities in Spain.
Specialised in net developments, systems engineering and cloud capabilities, Wellness Telecom is deploying public lightning, energy saving, intelligent parking and global city dashboard solutions, with a worldwide reach and a special focus in Spain and Mexico.

IMG-20170613-WA0017e3tcity platform uses point-to-point wireless/M2M links to connect devices to a cloud server, to their user applications or to different services and solutions developed by third parties. The advantage of using point-to-point technology is that the connection does not need to be planned, nor require the creation of nodes, mesh networks or gateways. Their devices could be adapted to different fields such as the lighting sector, air conditioning, irrigation or other sensor networks.
e3tcity was present with us, in our last three events –including the Hannover Messe and the 2nd FIWARE Summit in Utrecht– and the showcase of their public lights management system was a main attraction for our stand in London.

Jun 092017

The 2nd FIWARE Summit, hosted by the city of Utrecht and the FIWARE Lab Netherlands, from Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st of May, has been the prime event organized by an enlarging FIWARE Foundation: with multinational corporation NEC as the fifth Platinum member, joining Atos, Engineering, Orange and Telefonica as the core constituents of the Foundation.

During three days, the Summit gathered 320 attendees and up to 85 speakers, from inside and outside the FIWARE community. 29 countries were represented there. 15 exhibitors showcased their devices, their digital solutions and services at the Media Plaza. The event brought knowledge and hands-on experience around FIWARE through 28 technical sessions and numerous panels, conferences and community meetings.

IMG_5339More than 40% of the audience was part of the Dutch entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, showing the commitment of the area and the city with FIWARE. Aiming to create an open smart city model, based on the needs of the market, seven cities on the Netherlands have joined the Open and Agile Smart Cities Initiative: Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Drechsteden, Eindhoven, Enschede and Utrecht are betting on FIWARE standards. They all share data portals to ease the re-usage and publication of open data, creating a complete ecosystem that connects cities, business and knowledge.

FIWARE Lab Netherlands, located in Utrecht and Amersfoort, started its activity only two years ago, but it is now well established within the region and the community, running different projects focused on the usage of open data to cooperate in local smart city programmes. It is really great to see this framework, widespreading to other communities in one of the most prosperous areas of Europe.

After a week collecting the figures, the pictures and the presentations, it is now time to go back there, to gather and share some of the vibrant insights that the event has passed on to us.

Cooperation to achieve competitiveness

IMG_5948Collaboration, co-creation and partnership have been the main topics to address the digital transformation in multiple sectors, from a human-centric perspective. In Utrecht, we met some of the FIWARE main partners: Joao Rodriguez-Frade, from CEF Digital and the European Commission, updated on the ongoing collaboration with FIWARE, breaking the silos and enabling digital interactions across sectors. Carl Piva, from TM Forum, elaborated on the vision of the city as a platform and the importance of connecting business models with open architectures and APIs

Working groups and keynotes presented and openly discussed different strategies on how to build a smart city models. We had the chance to meet Deloitte’s Capability Framework and Maturity Model. The TM Forum & FIWARE Frontrunner Smart Cities Workshop gathered different cities that are ahead of this maturity process, like Santander, Bristol, Utrecht, Niza, Tokio or Heidelberg.

From entrepreneurial projects to the Mayor office, a lot of urban development projects were presented. Frans Jorna, Theme Director Smart City of the City of Utrecht, talked about transformation and the need for open city innovation platforms. Ubiwhere presented their FIWARE-based city architecture, a smart solution easing the coordinated management of services for different verticals. Paolo Traverso shared the priorities of the city of Trento, to build an open government with open access to information, simplified access to public services, citizen engagement and enabling co-creation within a no city lock-in approach.

Cities, factories, food (and beyond)

IMG_6096Companies like Whirlpool, Siemens or Volvo, as well as I+D institutions, presented their vision on the whole life circle of a manufactured product or service. Smart Factory vertical integration with standardised open Data Models and APIs is about to create a Data-intensive service reference architecture. In that context, FIWARE is providing an easy way to interoperate with other platforms: when moving a product or service from the supplier to the customer, our open APIs help breaking the data silos, enabling bilateral communication and effective collaboration among stakeholders. A smart supply chain should integrate smart apps, IoT and Cloud platforms.

Carl Hans, from FTI Engineering Network GmbH, explained how FIWARE can support smart product-service design in a sector as diverse as aviation. Thanks to standardised interfaces for service provision and using reliable, well-tested software components, the efforts developing a product could be reduced. Also the risks concerning its obsolescence or availability.

Towards an International Data Space

Lars Nagel, Managing Director of the Industrial Data Space Association, presented the basis and roadmap of this very new initiative, that is already planning on rename itself as International Data Space, due to the cross sector, global reaching nature of its proposed framework for gathering, processing, exchange and monetizing of data among systems coming from different application domains (banking, manufacturing, logistics, smart cities).

The IDS Architecture and FIWARE Architecture are significantly aligned, therefore the FIWARE Foundation and IDS have agreed on a partnership and the work has started for the first open source based implementation of the IDS concepts based on FIWARE.  The results will be showcased at the IoTSWC early October in Barcelona.

Acceleration and funding to keep scaling-up

IMG_6066FIWARE accelerators shared their numbers: IMPACT Growth will select 14 startups from 1.932 applications, from which 710 were completed and submitted. The programme offers 3.6 million euros of equity-free funding. The selected startups will be able to start participating in the different events organised by the 4YFN platform. A second call will open for applications on September 5, 2017, and will select another 14 startups.

Among IMPACT Growth four verticals and frontierCities2 MAG and FI-TECH Grants, powered by FIWARE open calls have reached more than 80 countries, receiving more than 2K applications. Our community is an active vehicle for financing innovative projects: Miguel García, from Zabala Consulting, explained how powered by FIWARE startups are in a great position to accede a wide array of funding opportunities, from Horizon 2020 and beyond, highlighting tools like the SME Instrument or the Cascade Funding models.

Acting local. Growing global.

IMG_5536The role of the FIWARE iHubs is helping the development and consolidation of the technology, while building a local community around it. Juan Marcelo Gaitán, support committee leader, represented the FIWARE Zone in Málaga and Sevilla. Two collaborative spaces, offering the knowledge of the FIWARE experts, making the technology available, teaching in the local language, boosting new projects and proposing different ways of granting the sustainability of each iHub.

FIWARE Mundus committee leader, Jacques Magen, described the recent, on course and future activities and events, at an international level. Powered by FIWARE projects continue spreading in North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia, thanks to the Mundus team shared efforts. A first Canadian workshop, focused only in FIWARE have taken place. The Ontario Precision AgriFood Association starting local pilot trial that, eventually, will be leading to a commercial deployment and to the set-up of a FIWARE instance there. A challenge for pilot trials for smart cities will be announced shortly and will be presented at the Global City Teams Challenge Expo 2017, on August in Washington D.C.

A platform, a community and a global marketplace

IMG_5550Hubert Tardieu, Chairman of the FIWARE Foundation BoD, presented our global vision on the industrial data platforms and multisided marketplaces. These would act as the basis to establish symbiotic relationships between stakeholders that can create great value from sharing platforms. Tardieu emphasised on the importance of APIs for the creation of a virtual space for sharing data across organisations, in multiple domains and supporting data sovereignty and data economy concepts. Aligning again with what Lars Nagel presented on his speak.

Announced at the previous Summit, a pivotal tool to the advancement of FIWARE was presented in Utrecht. To grow as an ecosystem and to achieve the marked objectives for the platform, the FIWARE Marketplace is designed to be one-stop shop for every project and deployment based on our open source technology, a useful tool to engage with and to enlarge our community. Juanjo Hierro, CTO of the Foundation, and Mayte Carracedo, from FundingBox, showed the already active webpage: every solution, device, service or deployment based on FIWARE is invited to join in and profit from it, meeting other projects, refining their offering and reaching new clients internationally.

After Utrecht. An towards Málaga (again)

IMG_5484FIWARE’S ambition, as Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation, pointed out, is to lead the IoT platform panorama, driving standards, partnering-up and connecting more than 100.000 developers. We are paving the path for a transition that will happen in the following years: from the consumer Internet to the Industrial Internet and beyond… to the Industrial User Internet.

“Everything that could be connected will be connected. Everything that could be digitized and transformed into data sets will be digitized and transformed into data sets. And everything that could be automated will be automated“. Everything will be transformed and FIWARE is the open source, IoT-enabled platform that lets you join this change.

Ahle also made an important announcement: the next FIWARE Summit already have a location and a date: we are excited to go and gather in Málaga again this autumn, from November 27th to 29th.

We can say it loud and proud: the 2nd FIWARE Summit has been another big success! Thank you!

We keep moving forward thanks to all our community members and partners. A special thanks goes out to our sponsors: KPN, Deloitte, EBU, the Utrecht Region and the FIWARE Lab NL.

Utrecht was great! See you all in Málaga!

Powered by FIWARE Smart Solutions at the 2nd FIWARE Summit (Part 2)

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May 262017

Second and last part of the reviwe of the 15 Smart Solutions, based on FIWARE technology, that will be showcased at the Demo Area of the FIWARE Summit in Utrecht, demonstrating the usage of our open source, developing products, services and IoT-ready devices. FIWARE is getting to a ever growing, global market, across different business sectors and verticals.

Evect is using IoT and LORA for gathering sensor information in the urban environment. The quality of living in an urban environment is highly impacted by the air and noise pollution of traffic and nearby companies. Keeping track of these quality indicators through sensors and input from residents is essential in the viability of the area. With IoT and LORA-equipped sensors, our user application and online platform provide valuable information for municipalities, companies and residents.

HOP Ubiquitous is specialized in IoT connectivity, IoT management and provisioning of consulting services to enable IoT-based solutions to our customers and partners. “Smart solutions designed for people” powered by FIWARE, and FIWARE-ready devices. Including a wide range of IoT products: Nodes (HOP own Chipsets), Edge Intelligence Hubs, Management Platforms and the provision of Integral Consultancy services. HOPU enables Smart devices with Internet of Things capabilities based in Internet connectivity and RESTFul Open APIs.

Leading supplier of ICT services, KPN is the biggest provider of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands. It serves many diverse customer groups at home and abroad, with a wide range of products and services under various brands and a unifying focus: “Smart usage of Technology & data facilitates life”. KPN Innovation is developing projects through all the key areas of the present and future technological revolution: IoT, Smart Home and Smart city, e-Health, Cyber Security and Cloud platforms.

logo-saxxionSAXION SCHOOL
Enschede, the city where Saxion University is located, aims to be an accessible Smart City. This demo stimulates the behaviour of citizens as well as companies, to benefit from and contribute to a Smart Enschede. It will propose events and sessions to involve them, welcoming experiments and putting a lot of effort into making the smart city visible, online and in the physical world. We will demonstrate an example of both types of visibility: The Smart Enschede Platform under development and the Dataskyline, both powered by FIWARE.

Most foods have a longer shelf life than one may think. With Tsenso is easy to learn how long the shelf life exactly is – depending on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the entire supply chain. This farm to fork monitoring “Fresh Index” is the new real-time shelf life indicator for food. It enables to unlock the true shelf life of each product, offering a real-time shelf life indicator that facilitates food safety evaluation along supply chain in critical cases and eases the retailers to sell on a “first expired – first out” basis.

Urbanclouds-logotipo-claim-homeURBAN CLOUDS
Urban Clouds team believe in Big Data as a key element to profoundly improve day-to-day life in the cities. They have been developing innovative Smart Urban Solutions in order to contribute directly to societal advancement. At the FIWARE Summit, we can meet Urban M: The Smart e-Bike. An intelligent pedal assist system that aims to mark the future of urban mobility, with an automatic regulation according to real-time air quality measurement and detected slope. It also offers SmartPhone connectivity with intelligent routes and alarms.

Having developed an integrated technologies platform for Smart Applications, powered by FIWARE, VM9 Information Technology is presenting its Smart City deployment at the Summit. Based on IoT and Web geographic information system, it offers business process management, data management with access to Open Data and a configurable thematic workspace capable of creating different, connected content and service channels. VM9 supports the creation of truly thematic portals of data, services, social engagement and citizen participation.

Wisetown, developed by TeamDev, is an integral Smart Urban Solution. It collects information from different streams, including IoT sensors, to create a comprehensive database and identify the issues that affect the city in several areas: urban renewal, garbage collection, public safety, transportation, social services and environmental problems. The data is organized to deliver one-to-one feedback, geographic analysis and decision support systems. Real-time analysis is accessible by creating a ‘Situation Room’, to manage city events or emergencies.

Powered by FIWARE Smart Solutions at the 2nd FIWARE Summit (part 1)

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May 252017

15 Smart Solutions based on FIWARE technology will be showcased at the Demo Area of the FIWARE Summit in Utrecht, demonstrating how our open source software components have been used by more than a thousand startups to develop their products and services, reaching their first customers, getting to the market and starting to scale-up. Those open standards are now being adopted by new projects and bigger companies globally, across different business sectors and verticals.

Agricolus embodies TeamDev’s vision on how to make precision farming easy, enabling farmers to increase productivity and save time, limiting environmental degradation. Agricolus organises and stores data collected from different sources (sensors, drones, satellites, mobile devices). It uses the geodatabase to feed the decision support system, and applications dedicated to alert from diseases or to the farm management. TeamDev supports standardization and the adoption of common interfaces for the IoT and Big Data analytics.
Atos presents a Smart System, dedicated to ensure safety and mobility in European Cities, connecting them through FIWARE. Under the motto “trusted partner for your Digital Journey”, Atos is focused on business technology that helps to create their firm of the future, offering vertical solutions based on FIWARE for different domains. For the Smart City, Atos is integrating FIWARE with existing systems, sensors and specific city services, creating an ICT cloud-based platform and mobility service: available, universal and safe for all users.

Babbler is a next-generation tamper evident seal. Simple to use and smart, IoT-enabled seal is an innovative solution for supply chain monitoring. Already in use –and loved–  by customs organisations. Babbler allows importers and exporters to discover and remedy incidents earlier; to reduce liability by knowing when a shipment was messed with; to dramatically reduce call-center and paperwork by sharing an online dashboard; and to become a well-trusted customs party and have fewer customs delays.

“Do you know how much powerful the data in your city are? Open a window over them!” That’s how CEDUS presents itself. This Smart System collects scattered data from different sources, organizes and exploits it, avoiding duplications. It is developed by Engineering and is aimed to City Managers, Data Providers, Companies and Citizens, offering a FIWARE based solution (City Enabler) compliant with OASC principles. Applying eight Generic Enablers, including NGSI v2, it is open to other platforms, avoiding vendor or city lock-in.

Civity comprises four products or modules that turn “raw data into meaningful stories”. It offers a complete system to collect, to manage and interconnect data safely. allows to gather all the user data in one place. Slim Melden eases the smart and secure use of Open Data. Data Hamster is used facilitate the process of data collection and its management. And the City Innovation Platform supports standards and harmonised data models, empowering data governance.

Centered on the measurement and collection of information from connected objects – fixed or mobile – and their communication to the city, residents and enterprises towards improved mobility, CommuniThings solutions range from smart-parking, through fleet management, to air quality. At the Summit its smart parking and water metering solutions will be demoed. As a pioneer deploying IoT platforms, CommuniThings uniqueness lies in its ability to offer a host of modular and scalable services, managed by one central server.

e3tcity platform uses point-to-point wireless/M2M links to connect devices to a cloud server, to their user applications or to different services and solutions developed by third parties. The advantage of using point-to-point technology is that the connection does not need to be planned, nor require the creation of nodes, mesh networks or gateways. At the Summit, e3city is showcasing their devices and how their solution could be adapted to different fields such as the lighting sector, air conditioning, irrigation or other sensor networks.

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FIWARE Summit in Utrecht: agenda, speakers and new activities

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May 192017

We are roughly two weeks away from the 2nd FIWARE Summit. The FIWARE Community will meet in Utrecht from 29th to 31st of May. Supported by our sponsors –EBU, KPN, the Utrecht Region, Deloitte and the FIWARE Lab NL– the event will take place over seven rooms, at the high-tech and futuristic meeting center for the Dutch business community, the Jaarbeurs’ Media Plaza, in the heart of the Holland’s largest Fair.

The agenda of the event has been evolving during the recent weeks, with top level confirmations as speakers and new activities that come to complete the Summit schedule.

FIWARE_HACKACITY_UTRECHT_v5· Hackacity Utrecht. A competition which aims at testing and using cities’ Open Data on a non-stop hackathon. In our 2nd Summit, the participants will be encouraged to create applications, aiming to ease real citizens’ challenges. Admission is open to coders, hackers, designers, business developers and anyone willing to apply their skills on creating a winning solution. Our hackathon in Utrecht will be an opportunity to connect Big Data, smart brains and creativity. Besides meeting new people, having a nice time solving problems together; building big, smart and creative solutions.

· Joint Workshop with TM Forum. ‘Frontrunner Smart Cities in the API economy’ sessions will help to identify challenges for urban communities and discover the level of maturity of each city, studying the roadmap and challenges ahead, focusing on real-time open data and the uprising of an economy of data. The workshop will provide a path to start FIWARE and TM Forum pilots, becoming the leading adopters of a reference architecture based on open standards. The API economy is an enabler for turning a single company or organization into a whole business platform.

· Launch and Invitation to join the FIWARE Marketplace. This will be the global one-stop shop, giving visibility and credibility to companies providing ‘Powered by FIWARE’ platforms/solutions, ‘FIWARE-ready’ software technologies and IoT devices or offering different services: training, coaching, consultancy, solution integration, tech support…
The Marketplace is designed to be a meeting point and the key instrument in order to help the FIWARE Community promoting their businesses. It serves the purpose of globally disseminating existing commercial offerings around FIWARE. Any company on the Marketplace will be able to advertise their offering and reach their target customers or build win-win partnerships. Enabling the current demand to meet the existing offering is cornerstone at this stage of the development of the FIWARE Community

Look into the advanced agenda for the event and find your itinerary among the different tracks that will be running in parallel during the three days, offering an ample, in-depth approach for our current and new community members, to get hands-on with FIWARE and welcome them to our Ecosystem.

Also, do not miss our speaker list, progressing towards its finalized state. The FIWARE Summit will present an opportunity to attend to informative and inspiring keynotes and panels, and to meet the vision and share thoughts with relevant actors and representatives from big companies like KPN, NEC, Atos, Engineering or Orange, public and private initiatives and agencies like the OASC, TM Forum or EIT Digital, and institutional delegates from the European Commission or the Municipal Government of the city of Utrecht.

Check out the complete online information and share the word: the 2nd FIWARE Summit will be a new occasion to enjoy working in the same direction. We are moving forward, growing global: come to Utrecht and let’s build a global marketplace together.


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