Situm Indoor Positioning: highest accuracy, zero infrastructure

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Apr 282017

We are well accustomed to the GPS and map applications, that we use to optimize our routes when traveling from one city to another, or between two points within a city. A number of comercial possibilities have unfolded upong such services, enriching each user’s route by offering him or her different services and useful tips and offers, and receiving valuable information in return.

When trying to improve indoor businesses by optimizing positioning in a similar way, two main challenges appear: to deal with the costs of the mapping process for each room and facility on a private building; and to overcome the possible limitations that enclosed spaces –specially underground– present, when receiving GPS signal is the essential for a location based solution.

Generally, there is no GPS signal into our buildings, and we spent 90% of our time inside them. Situm smart positioning system overcome this problem, offering indoor navigation inside large buildings, tracking employees to improve security and manage their workflow, and guiding visitors and possible customers. It enables the creation of location-based campaigns, by gathering and processing all kind of data, generating real-time data and KPIs, graphical reports and heatmaps.


The basis of this high-accuracy system is using Wi-Fi signals and other signal sources that are already there: it can be installed in a easy, DIY manner and needs zero extra infrastructure.

With successful implementations in public and private buildings –ranging from offices in Singapore, hospitals in Spain, malls in Colombia, conferences centers and global reaching events like the Mobile World Congress or the Web Summit–, we wanted to know more about this powered by FIWARE solution. We invited Situm to showcase at the recent Hannover Messe 2017, the biggest industrial fair in the world.

Miguel Pérez, responsible of Corporate Communications at Situm Technologies told us more about the joint demo –with eProsima robots– that we show in Hannover: “The demo performed in conjunction by Situm and eProsima was a complete success. We provided a user with a smartphone, located thanks to Situm’s indoor positioning technology; at the same time, this smartphone was transmitting its position to an eProsima robot. Thanks to the real-time location system, when the user moved, the robot responded accordingly following in like manner. This may be applied in areas such as robotic assistance: robots that make life easier for people with dificultes, such us the elderly or people with reduced mobility.”

eProssima are middleware specialists. They been using FIWARE software components to deploy their IoT-enabled and robotic solutions and services. Situm completed the control of their robots, enabling indoor navigation, clearing up accesible routes and making them visible for the person remotely controlling the machines. “Orion Context Broker served as a key element for the development of the demo. The smartphone located with Situm’s technology sent its position to the Orion Context Broker, from where the eProsima robot got the location data, allowing its proper operation in real-time”, explains Miguel.


Situm was part of the previous Acceleration Programme powered by FIWARE. They were accelerated by IMPACT and have the best experience launching their product with them: “Situm highly values having worked with IMPACT. Not only for the support of the public financing, but for the contacts made during the acceleration program that may involve access to new funding sources beyond IMPACT and FIWARE. The training is also one of the main advantages due to its top mentors. IMPACT startups come from many different countries, with business systems of different natures. Situm can gain skills that help understand other business ecosystems in order to be prepared for the future. Moreover, the contacts that are being made may result in new ways of doing business or even possible synergies.”

Take note that IMPACT Growth has launched new open calls –closing on May 9th– for startups that have already developed a product and are willing to scale-up. If you have a project and are looking for funding, mentoring and using a cutting-edge technology, you can now follow the successful steps of Situm and many other companies accelerated by IMPACT and FIWARE. Apply now!

Industry 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet: FIWARE at the Hannover Messe

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Apr 172017

Related to its lead theme, 'Integrated Industry – Creating Value', Hannover Messe 2017 presents its program and special area around Industry 4.0, pointing out how the digital industry “requires answers and solutions for different topics: Man and labour, business – and strategy examples, how to handle the data-overflow, cyber-security, standards and interoperability, medium sized businesses and users, best practice cases.” The 'Forum Industry 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet' is built upon these topics and how they affect users, industry players and politics.

FIWARE will be present at Hall 8, Stand C31. The area will be displaying international expertise around Industry 4.0 technologies and services. The 'Forum Industrie 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet' attracted more than 8,200 visitors and was one of the most successful events at Hannover Messe last year.

Organized by Deutsche Messe in partnership with Germany's Industrie 4.0 Platform, the Industrial Internet Consortium and the German industry associations VDMA and ZVEI, this Forum is staged under the auspices of Germany's Federal Ministries for Economic Affairs and Energy and Education and Research.

Big companies like Siemens, ABB, Intel, Kaspersky and Microsoft showcased the latest digital technologies and services. Being part of this Industrial IT display means a chance to showcase the latest technologies available and the most innovative solutions, within a premium exhibition area. We will be bringing four powered by FIWARE companies to the event: Situm, eProsima, Babbler and Wellness.

O3A5574The poducts displayed will be ranging from the next-generation smart for supply chain monitoring, developed by Babbler, to the lightning (WeLight) and waste (Quamtra) monitoring systems that Wellness will be presenting. Situm will be showcasing their zero-infraestructure, fast configuration smartphone indoor positioning service. And will be demoing it also in collaboration with eProsima robots.

Adding to the more commercial and networking oriented activity, daily panel discussions provide an ideal opportunity to compare notes on IoT standards, data management, cyber security and interoperability, establishing a dialogue between business, science and government.

FIWARE Foundation CEO, Ulrich Ahle, will be speaking on Thursday 27th, starting at 16:30h (Hall 8, Stand D19). His lecture, 'Industry 4.0 – Digital Transformation: challenges for the maunfacturing industry' will focus on the main questions that FIWARE is addressing around Digital Factory, Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0.

O3A5288Digital transformation is leading to significant changes in many areas of German, European and worldwide industries. Evolutionary changes are topped with fundamental, disruptive transformations in business models. Products, processes and services are increasingly digitized and integrated into smart services, available on-demand for the individual customer. These new services and business models are based on IoT platforms.
Ahle will be presenting a paper, describing what an industrial company needs to be able to, first, realize the changes mentioned above, and consecuently adapt and profit from them. Not only in theory, but showing and illustrating by examples which industry elements can already be implemented today and which platform approaches are available.

Hannover Messe is the biggest industrial fair in the world, a must for decision-makers both on public and private level. With more than 6500 international exhibitors, 400 industrial applications, 1700 lectures & panels and 2500 journalists from all over the world, and around 250K visitors, the exponential reach is that about 5.6M business contacts will be made in 5 days. Come visit FIWARE at the Hannover Messe 2017, from April 24th to 28th.

Connecting each island to a global ecosystem: FIWARE at the SIWC17

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Apr 122017

With a similar aim but a more specific focus, the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) has originated the Smart Island World Congress.

The smart areas and populations that embark themselves in the process of improving the sustainability, economic growth and well-being of the community, they are confronting nowadays similar tasks and difficulties. It is crucial to share the tools and the knowledge that may help them succeed.

In this interconnected era, Islands are facing many challenges in areas such as efficiency of the public services, advancing towards a sustainable, participated urban planning, and improving its economic and social development.
The SCEWC organization is bringing together the civic, business and technology experts from all around the world to Smart Island World Congress, aiming to achieve and present a common vision on how to exploit the opportunities which arise from these challenges.

The most urgent need it to find new tools and to create new services that will allow governments and territory managers to reach an efficient management of the islands, and mitigate the weaknesses of insularity, such as a the floating population and the seasonality of the business, plus an often unsustainable mobility and a steady talent loss.

"Nowadays, it is crucial to discuss energy efficiency, sustainability, waste and water management and mobility in our territories. But in the specific case of islands, it is even more important; it is a matter of survival”, explains Alfonso Rodríguez, Mayor of Calvià. "Our territory is finite, it is fragile and limited, but at the same time is the most valuable treasure that we offer our residents and visitors".

Calvià, in Mallorca, will be the permanent headquarters of the Smart Island World Congress. The congress and exhibition will be held for the first time next week, April 20th and 21st.
A two-day speakers' congress plus a networking area will bring together the most relevant island leaders, industry experts, research centers, universities, governments and international organizations from all around the world, devising the optimal lines of action for all and each one of them; merging public needs with private innovative solutions and awarding the promotion and implementation of Smart Island projects and initiatives worldwide.

This first edition will allow its attendees to anticipate and define the transformation one of one of the markets with more potential. There will be congress tracks about new connectivity, innovative urban planning for a better social development, talent & economic development and the creation and empowerment of “smart destinations”.

FIWARE will participate in the Plenary P3, on Friday 21st, starting at 9.30h. Under the tittle ‘Making it happen: change-makers and economic development’, with the CTO of the FIWARE Foundation, Juanjo Hierro

FIWARE will be also organising the Side Event ‘Frontrunner Smart Cities in the API Economy’, also on Friday 21st, starting at 11.45h in the Workshop Room: the API economy is an enabler for turning a business or organization into a platform. Living in a data-driven API economy, an island and its cities will need a set of business models and channels, based on secure access of functionality and exchange of data.
The workshop will illustrate how to become frontrunners this API Economy, benchmarking a community in terms of Smart City Maturity and turning a Smart City vision into reality. It will be the chance to become the leading adopters of a reference architecture based on open standards jointly defined by TM Forum and the FIWARE Foundation.


FIWARE and the Connecting Europe Facility advancing the Digital Single Market

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Apr 102017

According to EU's Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy, the exploitation of the digital space will create unique opportunities for value creation with both economic and societal benefits. In particular, it will bring new ways to expand markets, enable the creation of innovative services at better prices, new sources of employment and also better policy making. Not surprisingly, policy in support of digitisation is happening in an increasing number of sectors from the European, national and local level. As a result of the progress made in the last twenty years, businesses and citizens are increasingly able to exchange data with each other and with public administrations digitally, interact with different types of stakeholders using digital means and substitute physical presence by digital interactions when performing day-to-day transactions. However, as shown by the Digital Economy and Society Index, Europe is only half-way there i.e. in 2017 the EU28 scores 50% across the main dimensions of a digital society.

As digital becomes the 'new normal', platforming gains increasing importance both in the private and public sectors. Every day 'exchange-based' Digital Platforms bring together millions of buyers and sellers. Furthermore, 'content-based' Digital Platforms, where content can be user-generated, are becoming mainstream. The reuse of common elements across multiple digital services is an essential concept linked to every Digital Platform. Consequently, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and FIWARE have joined forces in the area of Digital Lego®-like blocks. These are atomic and modular software components, which can be easily rearranged and combined to meet any new needs given their versatile interface. Whereas FIWARE calls them Generic Enablers, CEF calls them building blocks. CEF's five building blocks (eID, eSignature and eDelivery, eInvoicing and eTranslation) provide reusable solutions and services, in addition to funding in the form of grants, for their implementation in any sector. Part of the funding under CEF is made available in the form of grants awarded following competitive calls for proposals. This process is managed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). For example, in 2017 CEF will award up to €77 million in grants. Both businesses and public administration can apply. Detailed information on how to apply is explained on the INEA website. Furthermore, the European Commission offers a number of services to the users of the building blocks at no cost. More information about these services can be consulted on the CEF Digital website. It's also important to highlight that the building blocks are based on market driven standards and technical specifications. The open approach enables third-party participation.

CjNSyp0VEAAXIh_The first collaboration between CEF and FIWARE was the inclusion of the CEF eDelivery building block in FIWARE's Catalogue of generic enablers. The eDelivery Building Block enables organisations to exchange electronic data and documents with each other in a secure, reliable and interoperable way. CEF eDelivery is based on the AS4 messaging protocol (based on web-services) developed by the OASIS standards development organisation. To ease its adoption in Europe, eDelivery uses the AS4 implementation guidelines defined by the Member States in the e-SENS Large Scale Pilot. Organisations must install an Access Point, or use a Service Provider, to exchange information with the AS4 messaging protocol. Thanks to the collaboration with FIWARE it's possible to quickly install an Access Point on FIWARE's Lab for demonstration purposes. Several European projects, in different business domains, are already today or will soon be using AS4 Access Points. These projects involve businesses, public administrations, academia, EU Agencies, EU Institutions, etc. The next funding opportunity for deploying eDelivery or upgrading a solution to comply with its standards is schedule on 5th May 2017. FIWARE and CEF will continue to launch more joint initiatives, to keep up to date with the latest developments, subscribe to the CEF newsletter.

– Joao Rodrigues Frade. Lead Architect of the CEF Architecture Office.
Head of Sector (Digital) Building Blocks at European Commission.

SAVE THE DATE! 2nd FIWARE Summit in Utrecht, May 29-31

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Apr 072017

A few weeks ago we shared some great news: the next FIWARE Summit was confirmed! And it will take place in one of the most competitive regions of Europe, in a city that is always on top of world’s quality of life indexes.

FIWARE is going to the Netherlands this spring. For our 2nd FIWARE Summit, we will be gathering at Jaarbeurs’ Media Plaza in Utrecht, from the 29th to the 31st of May.

If the first event was a great success for the whole community, for the 2nd Summit we are looking forward to offer an even better experience for the community members.

The 1st Summit kicked off a new stage for our development as a technological platform and as an open ecosystem. In Malaga, important announcements were made. We witnessed the creation of new links and partnerships between our stakeholders and, with the drive of the FIWARE Foundation, our members had the chance to reinforce alliances, strengthening cooperation, putting new initiatives in place.

Now, we are stronger, broader and more market-oriented. And we are determined to keep moving forward… growing global!

Our open community keeps expanding, both in number and diversity of contributors. Upholding the European links, we see how our technology is getting recognized and receiving interest from all over the world. Recently, NEC has become Platinum member of the FIWARE Foundation. And we are welcoming new Gold, Individual and Associated members. Our main asset is the collaboration, the passion, commitment and hard labor of the fellow community members.

Each FIWARE Summit will be the perfect chance to gather with colleagues and branches, part of the same, diverse ecosystem. And also will be an occasion to follow-up on the non-stop development of our technological platform. In the spirit of the 1st Summit, the event in Utrecht will gather the experts that are building the core components of FIWARE. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your certification as a FIWARE developer there.

Designed with a global ambition, to help developing the smart solutions of the future, enabling portability and interoperability of solutions cross-domain and across borders, the FIWARE platform has been presenting the building blocks to create a Digital Single Market and innovative, intelligent economic models for multi-sided markets. Now, the fulfillment of the FIWARE Mission points directly… to your business!

At the Summit we will be informing and offering support for companies, institutions and individuals interested in our present and future actions. The FIWARE Marketplace, the new powered by FIWARE acceleration open calls, the innovation Hubs and the Mundus programme, as well as the partnerships that are driving the worldwide adoption of the FIWARE standards, all of them are initiatives that are willing to be joined by new collaborators, ready to reinforce and to profit from them.

The detailed schedule for the FIWARE Summit will be available soon. The event will be organized in several tracks that will run in parallel during the three days:

  • FIWARE Community working groups, where members of the open community will meet to coordinate different lines of work within the ecosystem, focusing on the activities of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee and the FIWARE Ecosystem Support Committees (Mundus, Accelerators and iHubs), with the support of the FIWARE Foundation. It will give our attendees the opportunity to learn how the community works, following an open and transparent process based on merit.
  • A Developer's Primer, targeting at developers from inside and outside of the FIWARE Community. It will be the central activity during the full first day, with additional sessions on the second and third days, comprising specialized technical sessions and hands-on experience for developers, working with and interested on the FIWARE technology.
  • Three different Vertical Tracks related to Agrifood, Industry and Smart Cities, to unfold and share a more accurate vision around the benefits of using FIWARE to create and develop a business project for each one of these verticals.
  • A Conference track, targeted to business developers, decision and policy makers, startup/SME CEOs, cities’ representatives, researchers, public authorities, non-profit organizations and to the whole FIWARE Community.

In this second FIWARE Summit we will keep working together, driving the adoption of our open source standards, bringing business opportunities for all kind of organisations across the globe, laying the foundation of the New Digital Economy.

Everyone new to FIWARE and willing to be a part of it will find there the perfect chance to be joining our global ecosystem.

Current and future community and FIWARE Foundation members, let’s meet in Utrecht!


The FIWARE ZONE: interview with Juan Marcelo Gaitán

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Apr 052017

Just a few month ago, we were presenting a new part of our ecosystem: the FIWARE ZONE, an advanced deployment of the FIWARE innovation Hubs model. Announced at the 1st FIWARE Summit, the initiative was launched with two centres being opened at the same time, one in Seville and other in Málaga, both in Andalucía and being backed-up by the local and regional governments.

After the sucessful events this week, presenting the IMPACT Growth acceleration programme in both cities, we wanted to know more about how the project is unfolding. We had the chance to talk with Juan Marcelo Gaitán, Director of Innovation Center SmarCity at Telefonica, and head responsible of the FIWARE ZONE.

The FIWARE ZONE initiative is still very recent, but it has been very active from the beginning, even from before its official launch. How would you summarize these last months?

In the few months that it has been running, the initiative is having a great implantation among the Andalusian companies. Each step we take and each event we organise is counting with the presence and interest of the public administrations, the universities and the private companies.

During these months, a number of local governments and the majority of provincial governments have been visiting us. They are asking us to tell and show them the path that they should take, to advance regarding the Smart City development.
Some institutions has shown a firm purpose to create a new center, associated to the FIWARE ZONE. They believe, as we do, in the usefulness of these kind of initiatives, both for the administration and for the technological businesses around.

We are a public-private initiative, with Telefonica and the Regional Ministry of Employment and Technological Development work towards a common aim, and with other stakeholders as important as the City Governments of Málaga and Seville. It makes the whole project even more interesting and trustworthy. A big part of the success of the initiative is due to the participation of these four entities that believe in, support and endorse the smartcities’ development, upon the FIWARE platform. 


Is the project meeting its targets? Which would be the next steps to take?

Not only are we achieving our goals. We are advancing and growing much faster than we expected. That is why we intend to continue the same line of work, which is presenting such good results.
At the same time, we are working in parallel, revising our first objectives and updating and enlarging our action plan, to meet the over-demand that we are receiving.

FIWARE Zone is a noted example of the FIWARE innovation Hubs model. The vision is to unfold a global expansion plan, developing it locally and regionally. How does the FIWARE Zone works? Is it creating or attracting a community or a business environment around?

Regarding the technological companies, it is important to emphasise the pleasant surprise of receiving such great interest and involvement from them, since the very first day.  There are more than 50 companies that, during the last three months, have contacted us. They are interested in the FIWARE technology and how can it be used for each one of the companies.
We have created a FIWARE working group, inside the FIWARE Andalucía Smart City cluster, with already 14 active members, aiming to spread the use of FIWARE.

On the next days, we are going to launch a call for specialised mentoring, for companies that will receive the on-site support of FIWARE experts. They will help the team members through all the learning process and to adapt their products, integrating them into a real city platform.

To which extent, each company, organisation or individual, incorporating to the FIWARE Zone programme, is joining at the same time to the global advancement of the FIWARE initiative?

That is precisely one of our main objectives: to become the bridge and the link between the local companies and Europe. We are working closely and directly with the institutions and the FIWARE Foundation, creating the appropriate mechanisms in order to offer each company within our ecosystem to become part of the FIWARE Community, automatically.

Is there any difference between each one of the FIWARE Zone centres?

None. Both centres function as one single hub. Even more: every company from Andalusia can take part, indistinctly, in whichever activity that any of the centres is organising.
To such an extent that we have the case of two different companies that, after arriving to the FIWARE ZONE centres of Seville and Málaga, realized that they solutions were compatible, and started to work together in a common product, far more attractive and more complete.

Recently, a future FIWARE Hub has been announced – to be open in The Science and Technology Park of Lleida. Do you think that the FIWARE ZONE could be an inspiration for other centres of the same kind, reaching the rest of the country and other parts of Europe? Do you see yourself giving advice about how to launch them?

We have defined a development plan, in which we firmly believe. I am sure that there are other possible options, and I am not sure to which extent what we are doing is replicable in other environments.
Having said that, if anyone want to know what we are doing, and how and why we are doing it, we will be pleased to share it. We believe in a model designed for the development of innovation and the creation of an ecosystem of companies that are basing their transforming impulse in FIWARE solutions.
Our first results seem to confirm that we are going in the right direction. Nevertheless, we should be realistic: we have just begun and we will have to wait and see the results with a wider perspective.

C8kZGAYXoAQlPxMIn April, during this first week, the FIWARE ZONE has been organising the info days about the powered by FIWARE accelerator programme, launched by IMPACT Growth. What do you expect, after these sessions?

We are very excited with the idea of the Andalusian companies being well-fitted to apply and submit their proposals to the European acceleration processes. We want to be able to compare ourselves with other ICT companies from another countries, in order to learn and to improve our competitiveness in a market that is becoming each day more and more

Will be any kind of follow-up from the FIWARE ZONE, after these sessions? Maybe supporting the companies willing to participate in the open calls, giving technical advice to a project that, from Seville or Malaga, would be part of IMPACT Growth or frontierCities2 international acceleration process?

Of course. We will try to help and give the best support to the companies that intend to be participating in these calls.

How would you describe the value of initiatives like IMPACT Growth, for backing-up the innovation and the creation of jobs and businesses?

Now, we are in the beginning of the establishment of one of the technologies with more potential for its development in the years to come. That is why it is still less well-known that it should be. We need to reach and to make it familiar for the true lead actors of this digital transformation: the companies and the entrepreneurs.
To achieve that, we need certain incentives that would help to capture their attention and to facilitate the jump “into the unknown”: to start a project now, integrating it using the FIWARE platform. 

The first acceleration programme presented a strong value in order to help the dissemination of the FIWARE technologies, as well as making them more mature by use. It made the technology advance and the community grow. Now, FIWARE is being presented more as an “added value”, another important help for the projects accelerated by IMPACT Growth or frontierCities2. What has been changing in these last two years? 

Without any doubt, what has changed is the community. We are more each day, adding our part, bringing FIWARE closer to the ecosystem of developers and platform integrators. We try to make them see the advantages of this standards and the many reasons why they should start to think about using it.
We are constantly receiving technological companies, visiting us because they have heard about FIWARE… but they don’t know what it is.

I think that the community is still too little and too technical. We must show how good is FIWARE, not only to the software engineers. How good it is, versus other proprietary solutions. We should be showing it also to the companies CEOs and CTOs, explaining them why they should bet on FIWARE and the benefits it will rewarding them with.

And last, one of the axis for the development of the FIWARE ZONE is the educational: that FIWARE becomes one of the digital skills being taught at the universities, maybe even in high school… That goes in line with what was said a few weeks ago, at the EU Digital Day: to grant the job creation of the future by incrementing the digital skills of the whole European population. Have you started any course of action within that focus? Which might be the role of the acceleration programmes, regarding that line of work?

We are convinced that the future goes through FIWARE. But we are even more certain that the future depends on our universities and schools. That is why is so important to introduce this knowledge in the stages previous to the incorporation to the job market.

We have reach two agreements with Andalusian universities and we are negotiating with another two. What we try to achieve is that the students of Telecomm, Computer Science and Engineering, not only will be receiving theoretical information about FIWARE, but will also be able to gain practical experience, working on IoT at our FIWARE ZONE centres.
And we are also working with different professional training and business schools, to train the teaching staff so that they will be able to give at least an introductory notion about FIWARE in their respective centres.

We think that, in a few years, there will be a growing demand of personnel with this kind of knowledge. That is why, in our programme, we have presented a priority axis in that line.


IMPACT Growth infodays in Sevilla and Malaga

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Apr 032017

Launched on February 27 at 4YFN Barcelona, IMPACT Growth is the new acceleration programme developed by IMPACT international accelerator, focusing on four verticals: Smart Infrastructure & Cities, Smart Content, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart AgriFood. The program is powered by FIWARE and by led by FundingBox, ISDI and Accelerace.

In the first stages of the program, the accelerator will start financing 28 startups with €100,000 and they will be able to achieve up to €250,000 funding, equity free. IMPACT Growth will distribute a total fund of €3.6 million, among startups from all over the world in the growth phase, plus raising further capital from private investors and funds, already focused on scalability and international growth. The final aim is identifying four European super-startups.

After 4 weeks on the programme, almost 500 applications has been started, with more than 20 completed and already submitted. Most of the applications have come from Spain (44%), with noted interest also from Italian startups (21%), and with Poland (5%), UK and Denmark (4%) as the next top countries.


To support this submission process and to help the applicants to make the most of their projects’ presentations, IMPACT is organising a series of events where the participating teams will be able to get together with the experts and mentors from ISDI, Accelerace and FundingBox, and to meet other teams and succesful use cases from the previous acceleration programme.
These info sessions will provide the new applicants with valuable information, best practices examples, direct guidance and inspiration.


This week, two events will take place in Andalucia (Spain), taking advantage of the FIWARE Zone facilities, both in Sevilla and Malaga.

Remeber that, as IMPACT Growth expresses it, FIWARE is the market-ready software that is driving key standards for IoT-enabled smart solutions, following best practices of open source communities. ‘Powered by FIWARE’ and ‘FIWARE-ready’ labels will help to gain visibility, build partnerships and reach the market.

Let’s seize this opportunity to work with an innovative, mature technology while you get support and funding to scale-up your business. Come to the IMPACT Growth Info Days, apply and succed!

How to Develop IoT Solutions in FIWARE: first MOOC in Spanish

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Mar 292017

Telefónica I+D Chile and Inacap are offering a Massive Open Online Course on FIWARE, the first of its kind to be given in Spanish. The aim of the course is to provide hands-on learning about the use of the FIWARE technologies, to develop IoT-enabled smart solutions. The program of the course comprises a comprehensive touch-theory and practice on the creation and deployment of industrial and personal digital products and services, smart solutions for the Internet on Things based on FIWARE.

w1The Excellence Centre of Telefonica I+D, co-funded by Corfo and Telefonica Chile, has been working for the last three years in the promotion of IoT and Big Data solutions for the Energy, Smart City and Agrifood sectors. In collaboration with the Technological University of Chile, Inacap has developed this course.

The course is divided into 4 modules, to be completed during 4 weeks time. Each module is completed with explanatory videos, complementary material and evaluation activities. A in-depth description of the course and a detailed overview of each module is accessible here (in Spanish). The aim of the MOOC is to provide the students with knowledge enough to start programming using FIWARE, and with the appropriate material in order to build the hardware necessary to carry out an IoT project.

Be part of this experience, starting April 3, 2017.
Apply now!

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