Architectural weeks: fostering collaboration in the 2nd phase of the PPP from the beginning

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Apr 092013

FI-WARE and the Use Case trials, recently incorporated to the PPP Programme, gathered in Madrid last week at the Telecommunications Engineering School of the UPM.  

The goal of the meeting was to initiate the collaboration with the Use Case Trials from the very start (ever before their internal kick-offs) to ensure that we share a common view and the same objectives. FI-WARE provided a holistic vision of the achievements and the methodology we use and the Use Cases gave us insights in their respective projects. The focus was mainly at architectural level but there was also room for organisational aspects. Overall, a lot of work for four whole days but we are pleased that we now understand each other rather well.

It was a pleasure to know key members of cSpace, Finesce, FI-CONTENT II, FITMAN and FI-STAR and will continue strengthening the collaboration ties with them. We are working very hard to produce Release 2 and start doing hands on experimentation with them and our GEs on FI-WARE’s Testbed.


Successful Safecity real-life trial in Madrid relies on Fi-WARE enablers & testbed

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Mar 152013

 Last week’s Proof of Concept trial of the SafeCity project was a remarkable culmination of a 2 year work. Further to the success of the 1st PoC in Stockholm, where they tested the appropriateness of their solutions in a disaster scenario in a railway tunnel, they embarked again on an exciting and challenging new test. This time, they once again decided to combine their technologies with FI-WARE’s Core Platform to conduct an experiment that would assess the adequateness of both to deal with scenarios involving the police using advanced tools to track down criminals, detect suspicious objects, stop intrusions or deal with loitering.

The test was a fun exercise of members of SafeCity moving around Madrid in freezing temperatures and braving the pouring rain to play the role of “criminals” under the surveillance of the police.  This exercise involved the use of cameras, different levels of video processing, video analytics, 3D video engines and crowd behaviour simulation.

The relevance of the two tests performed by SafeCity is certainly high for FI-WARE, as long as it means a real life validation of the project in the area of Safety and Security. Also, the infrastructure of the FI-WARE testbed performed flawlessly.

We equally welcome the exploitation of FI-WARE’s Generic Enablers in combination with the technologies brought in by SafeCity. Particularly, this was the case with the IaaS Data Center Resource Management, the Complex Event Processing and the Semantic Application Support.

There was an immediate impact on the local media and a myriad of mentions on Internet pages (for instance, on the news agency Europa Press).

FI-WARE would like to wholeheartedly thank Safecity for their fantastic contribution to the FI-PPP and for trusting us. They have made a terrific work demonstrating enthusiasm and decisively helping to pave the way to make the Future Internet a reality.


3rd Open Call: fostering the uptake of FI-WARE’s results

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Jan 222013

Those who followed our previous calls must have noticed that they were basically bringing in complementary expertise to cover gaps in the functional map of FI-WARE. The new partners selected as a result of the successive calls were very similar in profile and objectives to those in the consortium from the beginning of the project.  

The third call is different in scope and nature. Now that we have a core of solid GEs and disparate areas covered, our intention is to make sure that the results are experimented and ultimately adopted by the wider community and the industry.

In summary, the 3rd Open Call revolves around three axes:

  • Take up of FI-WARE results by Internet application developers and entrepreneurs
  • Creation and support of a dynamic innovation ecosystem around FI-WARE results
  • Gain market visibility for the technologies and services developed by FI-WARE

The documents associated to the call are already available on the call page, namely the Guidelines for Applicants, the templates for the proposals and the Consortium Agreement & Collaboration Agreement. We will also populate the Q&A section if we decide to clarify any aspects that may need further explanations.

The deadline is February, 27 so there is still plenty of time. If you think that you can attract adopters, communities and promote the awareness of our result in our target ecosystems, we are looking for you!  

New opportunities in FI-WARE

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Sep 242012

_As announced at the beginning of August, the 2nd FI-WARE Open Call is open. All the information is available from the FI-WARE Open Call page and you can contact us on our dedicated communication channels specified in the documents associated to the call.

We also intend to strengthen our communication strategy by publishing advertisements in press and also by conducting a number of local events with the support of the national authorities. There are already a couple of public infodays that will take place shortly:

  • 4 October 2012 – CDTI, Madrid, Spain – Download the agenda here
  • 9 October 2012 – UBIFRANCE, Paris – Download the agenda here and register here
  • 15 October 2012 – Trento RISE and EIT ICT Labs Italy, Trento, Italy – Download the agenda here and register here



Our 2nd Call is Open now

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Aug 032012

 Once we have selected the winners of the 1st Open Call, we have started the process of the Second Open Call.  This time we have three exciting topics:

  • Advanced Web-based User Interface GEs
  • Stream-oriented GEs
  • Cloud Proxy Extended Development and Management Platform GE

We will select one or more successful proposers for each topic. All the details can be found on the 2nd Open Call Page As you can see in the calendar, you have plenty of time to prepare your consortium & proposal (the call closes on the 7th of November 2012 at 17h00  Brussels time)


The launch of the 2nd Open Call is nearing!

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Jul 192012

 So this is it. The 1st Open Call Evaluation is finished now and we have been busy these days putting together the information and sending the results to all the proposers. The next steps are basically formal procedures with the new partners and effectively incorporating them to the day by day work of the consortium. We are pleased to welcome new people who will surely contribute with new ideas and expand the reach of FI-WARE to new areas not covered before.

But this does not stop here. We are shaping the 2nd Open Call that is very likely to be published at the end of July. Stay tuned and follow us on our web page and our social channels.


1st Architects’ Week: FI-WARE meets Use Case projects in Zurich

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May 242012

 Once the FI-PPP Programme has been running for more than a year it is time to get together with the technical people from the Use Case Projects and share the knowledge generated in the course of these months. The event is running from Monday, 21st in the morning to the end of Thursday, 24th so there will be plenty of time to exchange information and provide feedback.

Basically, the Architects’ Week will be like this: FI-WARE provides details of their GEs in the mornings and the Use Cases explain in the afternoons their current status, degree of progress, architecture and synergies with FI-WARE using its GEs. The agenda is quite comprehensive and, apart form the formal organization, this event is helping to create informal links and communication channels at all levels. The sessions we are having are definitely fostering a common understanding and we have taken a gigantic leap in synchronising thoughts.

The goal of this event is to mark a turning point in the development of the FI-PPP Programme and we will reinforce this by celebrating a second round of sessions in Madrid on June 4th – 7th where there will be a second chance to attend.

Proposals, proposals and more proposals!

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May 032012

 The 1st Open Call has received 17 high quality proposals, 5 of them addressing the BM&BE topic and 12 the Middleware topic. The degree of interest is very high if we take into account that the topics proposed are rather focused in scope. The proposers are a quite heterogeneous group of people from varied countries and they are well known, solid companies and institutions. It is a real pity that the evaluators will have to make a choice because most of the possibilities look terrific!

We are pleased with the success of the call and look forward to the selection of the new partners. We also count on a great team of independent evaluators that are about to start their work.