UC projects carrying out friendly testing on the FI-WARE Testbed

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Nov 292012

YES ! the first release of FI-WARE is up and running on the so-called FI-WARE Testbed.   Currently, access to the FI-WARE Testbed environment is limited to UC projects in phase one of the EU FI-PPP programme who are carrying out a friendly testing of the first set of products implementing FI-WARE GE specifications.   But stay tunned because soon the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab will allow any third party to experiment with FI-WARE.

You may check what are the products that are part of the first release of FI-WARE by means of taking a look to the public FI-WARE Catalogue.   

Smart city events in Spain: Seville, Malaga and Zaragoza

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Oct 242012

FI-WARE is going to make three major presentations to explain the capabilities of the Platform. They shall take place in Seville, (November 6th), Malaga (November 8-9th) and Zaragoza (November 8-9th). Those event are part of the efforts to explain to spanish SME the possibilitites of FI-WARE and the opportunities that the PPP shall offer in Phase III


Sevile event programme (November 6th)


Apertura (9:15-9:45)

o   Alcaldía de Sevilla (Sr. D. Juan Ignacio Zoido, Alcalde de Sevilla)

o   Telefónica (Sra. Doña. María Jesús Almazor, Directora Territorio Sur Telefónica)

Los instrumentos de participación  (9:45-10:15)

o   Ministerio de Industria (Sr. D. Juan Corro, Jefe de Gabinete Secretaria de Estado de las Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información)

La plataforma  (10:15-10:30)

o   La plataforma Fi-WARE. Una visión general de la plataforma y sus objetivos (Sr. D. José Jiménez, Director de Programas de Colaboración de Telefónica)

Las ciudades inteligentes  (10:30-11:30)

o   Ciudad de Sevilla (Sr. D. Jesús Maza, Vicepresidente de la Corporación de empresas municipales de Sevilla A.I.E.)

o   Ciudad de Málaga (Sr. D. Antonio Quirós, Director del Área de NNTT)

o   Ciudades Extranjeras (Sra. Dña. Ana García, Representante Enoll)

Café 11:30-12:00h

Mesa redonda con otras ciudades invitadas (12:00-13:30)

o   Ciudad  de Sabadell (Sr. D. Xavier Izquierdo, Coordinador d’EspaiPúblicde´lAjuntament)

o   Ciudad  de Valladolid (Sra. Doña. Teresa Redondo, Directora de Área de Presidencia del Ayuntamiento)

o   Ciudad de Tarragona (Sr. D.  Javier Villamayor, Director de Proyecto Tarragona Mediterranean Smart City)

o   Ciudad de Alcalá de Henares (Sr. D.  Javier Fernández, Director de NNTT del Ayuntamiento)

Modera: Sra. Dña. Raquel Morito (Telefónica)

La Smart City en colaboracion (13:30-14:10)

o   Programa CELTIC (Dr. Peter Herrmann, Coordinador del Programa)

o   ETICOM. El papel de las Pymes en proyecto FIWARE (Sr. D. Adolfo Borrero, Presidente)

o   IDE.SEVILLA (Sr. D. Francisco López, Coordinador–Director SIG Gerencia de Urbanismo del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla)

Tiempo libre almuerzo.  14:10-15:30h

Los organismos públicos y los instrumentos de apoyo y financiación (15:30-17:30)

o (Sr. D. Tomás de Miguel, Director Red iris)

o   Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (Sr. D. Jesús Cañadas, Foro iniciativas FI de los Estados miembros de la UE )

o   CDTI (Sra. Dña. Rebeca Frías, Dirección de Mercados)

Modera: (Ayuntamiento de Sevilla)

Sesión de plataforma es.internet (17:30-18:30)


The First Release of FI-WARE is out

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Aug 232012

 We feel rather excited to announce that the first wave of reference implementations of FI-WARE Generic Enablers planned for the first Release of FI-WARE were delivered a few days ago!  You can find the public parts of the documentation on our documentation repository under “FI-WARE deliverables” in the folder “Release 1”

Part of the software is public and is located under our FI-WARE SCM.

We have started populating the online FI-WARE Catalogue where we will offer a summarized view of the FI-WARE GE implementations that are available and details of the FI-WARE GE instances deployed on the FI-WARE Testbed for experimentation by the Use Case Projects of the PPP Programme. We will be announcing the availability of new FI-WARE GE implementations soon !

Do not forget to regularly visit our page to keep track of our progresses. Bear in mind that access to the first Release of FI-WARE will be limited to Use Case Projects within the FI-PPP Programme, but access will be open to third parties for the second Release of FI-WARE, which will provide the basis of the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab.


FI-WARE presence in Aalborg

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May 142012



As it can be expected, FI-WARE has been one of the attractions of the FIA (which took place in Aalborg this time). We set up, together with all projects in the PPP, a stand where we explained our activities.The presentation that resulted in a maximum interest – at least in number of people- was the one made on occasion of the “proposer’s day” (you can find the presentation made by FI-WARE  here or If you feel like listening to it in full go here). During this event the Commission explained in some detail their plans for the call 2 of the PPP and how the new projects should use the results of existing projects to complement their proposals. Fi-WARE results are essential for this objective.

Besides explaining briefly the areas where our most significant developments are, we tried to explain the need for a more broad exploitation activity. The final success of the PPP cannot be assured if we restrict ourselves to the PPP funding. We need to create an ecosystem, based possibly on smart cities, where this objective can be achieved.

In a similar tone, we collaborated in the section on Open Platforms for innovation, where a comparison between GENI and IGNITE vs. the PPP and FI-WARE was made. Our position was clear: GENI and IGNITE had different objectives and were much more oriented towards the research community. This makes our life much more difficult. You can find the FIWARE presentation here.

Also very relevant was the presentation made by Thierry at the section IoT and FI architectures. Essentially we explained our plans regarding the IoT and how the different modules can be used and our contributions to the Open Mobile Alliance and ETSI

We were also in Poznan

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Nov 032011

As you can expect, FI-WARE was also present in Poznan where we had the opportunity to talk to many people attending the FIA. We were really impressed by the facilities of the  Lecture Conference Center and of the really very good ambiance. A very good time, even if the connections to Poznan were, unfortunately, not so good.

More seriously, besides the networking, we had four very significant meetings.

1.- the Steering Board (SB)  and Architecture Board (AB) meetings. We discussed how the whole PPP is progressing and how we could involve the larger community in the experiments we are planning. Essentially it will mean the nomination of an Advisory Board, its possible members and their qualifications.

2.- Participation in a round table in session When infrastructure meets the user.

In the round table, there were a number of interesting presentations on the issue of how we could better involve the user. Particular attention was given to the issue of e-health and how we could use the infrastructure provided by the smart city.

There were a number of interesting questions, one good example was the issue of what kind of user we were looking for. It was explained we are not looking for any user but rather for an educated user or perhaps for a "user aggregator", someone who is able to understand user needs and translate them into the appropriate language for developers.

3.- A short participation at the First Meeting The European perspective on the International Cooperation with Latin America

We underlined that FI-WARE is open to collaboration to Latin American countries following the normal collaboration rules of the EC

4.- Give an initial presentation on the Open call. The presentation explains the main objectives and gives some examples of what could be the objective.

Here is a summary of the FAQ section, which I consider the most important part for future applicants

Do we need to form a consortium or just one entity is enough?    
R/ See rules. We do not need a consortium, we already have one

Looking for SW developers or innovative, ground breaking work?
R/ Good foundations and results to be integrated. We are not reinventing Internet, rather we want to put it into use

Are you looking for built, completed solutions?
R/ We need to innovate, but we are also valuing existing results (software that works) and expertise. Integration is important.

Any constraints regarding IPRs ?
Specification of APIs and interoperable protocols linked to any product/technology contributed to FI-WARE must be open and royalty-free
Must be licensed free of charge in the context of the PPP
Must be licensable under FRAND terms outside the PPP

Can provide you some example of the kind of things you are looking for ?
R/ Still too early but be sure we will mostly ask for rather concrete products, technologies or skills
Examples (not meaning they are real):
Document-oriented No-SQL Data Storage Technology
Development of advanced widgets for an Event Monitoring Dashboard Console


Presentation at the European Parliament

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Oct 182011

We have presented  FI-WARE at the EU parliament. This is an important event for us because we are leaving the purely technical forums and entering into the real world of users, the main objective of our project.

The presentation has taken place in the context of the 3rd European Innovation Summit at the impressive European Parliament in Brussels. Really a place worth visting.

We count with the presence of several MP at the session, particularly MP Pilar del Castillo, who made a very kind introductory address, emphasizing the importance of the PPP and the need to serve the interest of the citizens. Alvaro Oliveira from Concord was also present. You can find all details of the event at the 3rd European Innovation Summit.

Also present were Arian Zwegers (our PS), Isidro Laso  and Peter Fatelnig together with representatives of several PPP projects.

We made two important statements at the event.

1.- A speech outlining the importance of the PPP and FI-WARE at the Key note part

2.- A more technical presentation of FI-WARE. This presentation was made in a working session on the smart cities of the future which was chaired by Peter Fatelnig. Other PPP projects also made presentations of their plans and activities.

Also, I participated in a round table on the Role of Business in Europe’s innovation Ecosystem which was hosted by MP Edit Herczog

FI-Ware presentation at Funems

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Jun 202011

June 17 2011. This time we have presented Fi_WARE at the Funems congress., at the plenary session (presentations from the Congress  are here). The title of the session was Future of internet stairway to heaven. This explains some of the “jokes” at the beginning and at the end of the presentation.

At the congress there were a number of presentations on the future of internet. They were very varied, ranging from very technical and architecture oriented to those focused on how to make the network resources to everybody. I preferred to focus on the business aspects and also made a reference to the open calls

The presentation is, as usual, is also  here