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Transformative Impact Of BlocKchain tEchnologies iN Public Services


‘TOKEN’ aims at developing an experimental ecosystem to enable the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) as a driver for the transformation of public services towards an open and collaborative government approach.

During 32 months, a multidisciplinary consortium of 11 partners comprising (a) IT developers/RTOs with experience in development of blockchain components/IoT & Big data platforms (FBA, IMEC, VIL, CERTH, FIWARE), (b) blockchain associations (INF), (c) public administrations (AYTOSAN, KATERINI); (d) SSH experts in public management (UC) and (e) think tanks specialised in digital transformation & policy-making (DEMOS) and Open Commons business models (FBR) will develop a Blockchain Platform as a Service Solution (BCPaaS) to be tested in 4 highly replicable application areas that are common to many Public Governments across Europe: public funding distribution; management of public accounts; urban logistics; valorisation of data.

BCPaaS implementation will be assessed from a multidimensional perspective (technological, cultural, socio-economic and legal impacts), paying special attention to attitudes shown by public servants, as key individuals in public service provision. BCPaaS architecture will endorse the Next Generation Internet values of trustworthiness, resilience and sustainability and keep the compliance of the privacy-by-design regulation principles as core driver. It will maximise interoperability potential with IoT & Big Data platforms as well as other blockchains.

A specific business model, based on Open Commons principles and Distributed Governance, will be elaborated during the second half of the project, and project dissemination will pay specific attention to meaningfully engagement of +30 early adopters, firstly as members of TOKEN Observatory contributing to TOKEN policy learning co-creation, and, secondly, to be invited to join BCPaaS platform after the project ends, and launch roadmaps to bring DLT to other public services.


11 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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1 January 2020
31 December 2022
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