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Setting the Pathway Towards a Common European Manufacturing Data Space.


Over the last few years, the use of data has been of paramount importance to drive improvements in engineering, planning, commissioning, operations and after-sale services in the manufacturing domain.

Manufacturing data spaces for Europe development has been so far conducted by many different alliances, projects, networks and in many cases driven in the context of National Industry 4.0 initiatives and within seed disconnected projects to establish the first “embryonic data spaces” for different applications in different manufacturing sectors – see projects such as Boost 4.0, Qu4lity, Productive 4.0 or Connected Factory 2, 4ZDM, ForeSee Clusters. So, data space development should not only break data silos per-se but it should also break the data space development silos. Therefore, the main mission of EU DATA SP4CE is to facilitate a “sectorial alliance” that brings a unified voice across national initiatives & EU manufacturing data-driven initiatives (European, national, regional, local, offer, demand) under one common governance framework for technical and business alignment to capitalise on recently established data directives and regulations and unlock business models and rich data value chains in manufacturing products, factories and supply chains.

EU DATA SP4CE will facilitate:

  1. a one stop shop for comprehensive access to a rich portfolio of manufacturing data space assets
  2. he establishment of a manufacturing data space governance body in coordination with the European Data Space Support Centre (DSSC) and middleware
  3. harmonized open and transparent pan-European operational processes for co-design large scale deployment of manufacturing- data spaces and data value networks
  4. joint maturity assessment and digital platform and infrastructure migration roadmap for long-term convergence of existing and new data-related initiatives in manufacturing by making use of interoperable data space technical infrastructures and optimized blueprints

The Data Spaces for Manufacturing receives funding from the European Union Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement n° 101083939.


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13 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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1 October 2022
31 December 2023
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