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The preparatory action for the creation of a data space for smart communities as an enabler of the EU Green Deal goals and Sustainable Development Goals.


Data is a central aspect of the twin green and digital transformation, and European cities, regions, towns, and rural areas play a vital role in safely and effectively leveraging its potential. This preparatory action for a Data Space for Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities (DS4SCC) provides a coordinated starting point for public, private and individual stakeholders to contribute and use data, aligned with European values and policies. This preparatory action emphasizes the sustainability aspect – green, social and economic – and the diversity of communities, and aims to:

  • Develop a multi-stakeholder data governance scheme by bringing together European cities and their local stakeholders (‘quadruple helix’) to collaborate on use cases relevant to Green Deal objectives through operational local data platforms, via a “data governance core group”.
  • Create a blueprint for the European DS4SSCC by co-creating with stakeholders a methodology for setting it up, from the vision of a full-fledged pan-EU DS4SSCC, not only from a technical perspective but also giving operational guidance e.g. for procurement.
  • Bring an agreed set of priority datasets into conformity with the new blueprint by delivering a catalogue of domains, use cases and related data sets for DS4SSCC.
  • Develop a roadmap and action plan towards a mature, connected pan-EU DS4SSCC.
  • Shaping and implementing the data space on the local, regional, national and EU level, taking into account their different levels of maturity, will be an exercise in co-creation with the stakeholder forum.
  • Documentation will include recommended actions for standardisation, business models and strategies for running data spaces, and a vision for the federation of platforms.
  • Building on core European networks of cities and communities that have championed the Living-in.EU movement, DS4SSCC is a timely, ambitious and essential contribution towards the sustainability goals of European citizens.

The Data Spaces for Smart and Sustainable Cities & Communities receives funding from the European Union Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement n° 101083742.


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6 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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1 October 2022
30 September 2023
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