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Data Spaces for Mobility

Laying the foundation for a common European mobility data space.


The project PrepDSpace4Mobility aims at contributing to the development of the common European mobility data space by supporting the creation of a technical infrastructure that will facilitate easy, cross-border access to key data for both passengers and freight, under the Digital Europe Programme of the European Commission.

Given the enormous potential of data and digital technologies, the project is expected to have a positive impact on European competitiveness, society, and the environment.

PrepData4Mobility will deliver an inventory of existing data platforms and marketplaces which allow sharing data relevant for mobility and an analysis of gaps and overlaps of data, identify potential common building blocks, and opportunities for integrating the mobility data space and data ecosystems in the emerging European data and cloud services infrastructure.

The preliminary project results will be reviewed in two expert workshops and the final results feed directly into the next project Data Space for Mobility – Deployment, that is also part of the Digital Europe Programme. To ensure appropriate representation and high-quality project results, PrepData4Mobility has established a pan-European consortium comprising of suppliers and users of data, leading research institutes and associations with key competences in mobility, economics, data, and cloud technologies.

An Advisory Board comprising leading experts from industry (mobility, transport, and technology), associations and research including legal experts in the field will ensure quality assurance.

A skilled communication team will undertake targeted exploitation, dissemination, and communication activities to transparently communicate the results.

The project works in liaison with the Data Spaces Support Centre and the Alliance for Industrial Data, Cloud and Edge to ensure alignment to ensure alignment with the European Data Spaces Technical Framework.

The Data Spaces for Mobility receives funding from the European Union Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement n° 101083655.


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14 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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1 October 2022
30 September 2023
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