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Aligning Reference Architectures, Open Platforms and Large Scale Pilots in Digitising European Industry

The digital transformation of European industry

Digital Transformation (DT) is a key priority for the EU in its efforts to support the rise of competitivity of the European industry. Manufacturing, agriculture, energy and healthcare represent key fields for the deployment of the EU strategy for digitalisation. In this DT framework, the advanced technology role is instrumental.

The EU-funded OPEN DEI project aims to detect gaps, encourage synergies, support regional and national cooperation, and enhance communication among the Innovation Actions implementing the EU DT strategy.

The project aims to compare reference architectures and enable a unified data platform, to create large scale pilots and contribute to a digital maturity model, to build a data ecosystem and to strive for standardisation.


The EC communication “Digitising European Industry: Reaping the full benefits of a Digital Single Market” aims to reinforce the EU’s competitiveness in digital technologies and to ensure that every industry in Europe, in whichever sector, wherever situated, and no matter of what size can fully benefit from digital innovations. In the H2020 LEIT ICT WP2018-2020, the section “Platforms and Pilots” is launching the six calls (DT-ICT-07 to DT-ICT-12) for implementing next generation Digital Platforms in four basic industrial domains: Manufacturing, Agriculture (and Rural Areas), Energy (and Smart Homes / Grids) and Healthcare (Smart Hospitals).

Moreover, outside of the specific suggested Digital Transformation (DT) topics, the development of EU Digital Industrial Platforms (a battle Europe cannot afford to lose) is a key priority also e.g. in Smart Systems (Smart Anything Everywhere SAE), Robotics, Photonics and Process Industry (SPIRE2030) domains.

The OPEN DEI proposal aims at leveraging synergies, identifying gaps, sharing best practices, reinforcing regional/national relationships as well as putting in place the necessary joint measures to implement common dissemination, communication, training and exploitation action plans among the Innovation Actions implementing the EU DT strategy.

OPEN DEI is structured around twelve coordinated and complementary objectives grouped in four main action lines: in Platform Building a reference architecture, a set of open source reference implementations and an Industrial Data Platform; in Large Scale Piloting a digital maturity model, a set of assessment methods and a migration journey benchmarking tool; in Ecosystem Building an Innovation and Collaboration Platform, a pan-EU network of Industrial DIHs, an Industrial Skills catalogue and observatory; in Standardisation a cross-domain survey, a promotion and implementation plan and a strategic alliance with existing EU and International SDOs.

OPEN DEI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 857065.


H2020-EU.2.1.1. – INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP – Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


DT-ICT-13-2019 – Digital Platforms/Pilots Horizontal Activities


10 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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Support to implement the EU Digital Transformation strategy


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1 June 2019
31 May 2022
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