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Digital dating agency for AI in product creation


The AI marketplace brings together providers of AI services, manufacturing companies and experts from science and research on AI solutions from product development to production planning. The platform enables companies to put together their own AI applications with modules or to identify the right partners for them. Service providers can securely exchange training data for models and algorithms on the platform and use the modules to further develop their own AI solutions.

Market perspective and product promise

The AI Marketplace platform will bring users together with providers of AI solutions for all aspects of product creation. Companies receive about the AI Marketplace access to consulting services and AI building blocks. Complete AI applications are offered and billed via an app store. AI developers can obtain training data via the platform. All production branches are addressed, such as the electrical industry, consumer goods or furniture production.

Solution approach

On the KI marketplace platform , companies are brought together with KI service providers via a “digital dating agency”. For this, the providers create company profiles and companies can describe problems. A comparison then automatically makes suggestions for suitable partnerships. As the first use cases, AI applications for product creation are being developed and tested in the pilot projects . These include AI-Applications for text and sensor analysis, recommendation management by comparing product data, training for neural networks for evaluating video files and evaluating real-time data in production control. The developed services are then made available in abstract form on the AI marketplace. In addition, a protected data room will be set up in which training data and best practices for data processing are provided.

As a result of the queries from the dating agency, the pilot applications and the data room, an app store is to be set up on the platform. In it, specific AI applications are provided as building blocks that can be used by manufacturing companies with a manageable adjustment effort. The store will range from simple assistance functions to complex AI applications. A modular system enables the AI modules to be combined with one another without a great deal of programming effort. In this way, even small and medium-sized companies will be able to use the “plug and play” principle of AI-Compile applications yourself and integrate them into your processes without having to commission a service provider each time.

AI Marketplace has received funding from the innovation competition “Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems” of the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy.


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1 January 2020
31 December 2022
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