Are you a FIWARE-related entity and a part of a GCTC Action Cluster?

Are you looking for support to implement your idea?
Do you believe in fostering cooperation and creating consolidated SmartCity international communities?

Building upon the scope of NIST’s Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC), FIWARE is launching its GCTC Pilot Trials Challenge 2017. An ambitious competition to achieve cross-border cooperation in the deployment of groundbreaking solutions based on FIWARE technology.


The FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017 aims to make possible forward-looking partnerships
between cities and communities in North America with organizations currently providing
‘Powered by FIWARE’ solutions in Europe. Create Smart City pilot trials designed
to be replicable and scalable at global scale.


The challenge is open to teams that include at least one city/ community in North America (USA and Canada) and one Powered by FIWARE solution. Although it is not mandatory, additional participation from a European city and/or from a North American organization would strengthen the value of the proposal.

If you want to participate and need support to find a partner in Europe to fit the challenges of your community or city, contact us at


Teams will need to propose an agreed development plan with the candidate city, local government, or metropolitan area. This plan shall include technical issues, as well as the potential regulatory and administrative resources to be committed by the involved parties. Together, they should meet the technical know-how, the administrative drive and the resources to design, implement, field test and deploy an application that fulfils the objectives of this challenge.

Download PDF for details on submissions and evaluation criteria.


Submissions will be open in July 2017. Entrants will have until October 16th to submit a proposal for consideration. The challenge winners will be announced at the 3rd FIWARE Summit in November 2017. The awarded teams will have a 6-month period to develop and field test the ideas proposed in the corresponding cities, which may be presented at the GCTC Expo 2018.

July 2017 
  Competition launch

October 16, 2017   Proposal deadline

November 2017   Winner announced (at the 3rd FIWARE Summit in Málaga, Spain)

June 2018   Working prototype implemented

Summer 2018   GCTC Expo 2018 demonstration


Up to two trials will be selected in evaluation process. The amount of the prize to support each of the awarded solutions shall be up to a maximum of 28,000 US Dollars (25,000 Euros).

Up to 5,500 US Dollars (5,000 Euros) shall be used as a prize to the Powered by FIWARE companies, covering costs of the trips to North America for the pilot and for the GCTC Expo 2018.

Up to 22,500 US Dollars (20,000 Euros) shall be used to support the pilot deployment of the solutions in the corresponding city/ community(ies). The applicants shall distribute this prize amongst themselves as they see fit, in order to cover partially or totally the cost of the pilot trial.

Ideas and designs will be selected and moderated by FIWARE. GCTC organizers will not be involved in the judging and selection process.

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