SPOTTED project supports Public Administrations in the field of green areas management

Oct 28, 2021Ecosystem

Berlin, 28 October 2021.

The history of cartography is more than 4000 years old. Man has mapped and documented paths and roads since the beginning of civilization. Today a huge amount of data, not comparable with those of the past – in particular geolocation data – is changing both citizens’ live and the way of running businesses.

In this scenario investment companies, outsourced service providers, and public administrations are searching for solutions that allow to view and analyze data on map, offering various possibilities for use, such as: Geomarketing, logistics optimization, land management in order to make lasting investments. If such systems already exist on the market, SPOTTED will ensure system functionality, interoperability and cross border at no cost available to both public administrations and private companies.

Funded by the European Commission under the Connecting Europe Facilities (CEF) program-Horizon2020, SPOTTED was launched on September with the aim to provide an innovative solution based on the integration and customized processing of massive Open Data collections, including Earth Observation (EO) data, to monitor and support decision makers in the field of green areas management.

Data provided by Open Data portals from the public administrations involved in the consortium, the European Data Portal and Copernicus, including real-time data captured by sensors, which will be handled by means of the CEF Context Broker Building Block. Furthermore, relevant datasets generated by the Action will be made available itself through the European Data Portal.

The ultimate objective is to show how this framework will generate innovation and large-value creation through the implementation of three pilots in Milan, Helsinki and Naples, focused on the monitoring and planning of green areas in the cities in relation to different factors (e.g., tourism impact, quality of life, economic growth etc.).

SPOTTED is coordinated by The Lisbon Council, and its consortium involves City of Milan, City of Naples, Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica, FIWARE Foundation, Forum Virium Helsinki, Latitudo 40, MetricUp, PlanetGis Sky S.r.l.

To get more info, please contact Francesco Mureddu, director of the Lisbon Council and Project Coordinator or Tonia Sapia, Communication Manager in SPOTTED.

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